Found My Teacher has become a trusted name among educators, students and parents

Found My Teacher has become a trusted name among educators, students and parents

Mumbai, August 2022: Found My Teacher (FMT), launched by Raunaq Kakkar, celebrates a new achievement in the online learning space within months of its inception. The unique educational platform has already onboarded 500+ educators, with whom students from across the nation can connect and learn.

While bridging the gap between educators and students, FMT is deemed a magical educational platform that offers educators an unlimited source of earnings. The fact that within 24 hours of registration, teachers have been able to connect with high-paying students makes Found My Teacher not just a source of income for the teachers but an exceptional platform for learning and teaching. \

Found My Teacher has also established itself as a credible online educational platform among parents and students, across the nation. They find FMT as their go-to choice while looking for experienced and knowledgeable educators for various subjects. The platform witnessed record-breaking experiences where the parents paid over INR 30,000 in a day for their children’s learning of various subjects. Yet another experience that testifies the popularity and credibility of Found My Teacher as a platform among the student community is the experience of a student offering employment to 3 different teachers registered with the platform within a day.

Sharing about the success of the platform, Raunaq Kakkar, Founder of Found My Teacher said, “When this educational platform was launched, the sole purpose was to enable students and teachers, across the nation, to connect easily to access trusted expertise and knowledge with regards to various subjects. And witnessing such huge reception for the platform is extremely heart-warming, strengthening our vision of offering the best teaching and learning experiences for both the educators and student community alike.” 

This unique educational platform, which came into existence as a by-product of the pandemic, enables the students pan-India to connect with experienced educators, basis their choice of language, subject matter, expertise, budget and timing within the comforts of their homes.

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