GIIS Hadapsar celebrated happiness week…

GIIS Hadapsar celebrated happiness week…

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Pune,  August 2022: Global Indian International School (GIIS) Hadapsar Campus celebrated Happiness Week with a series of activities to instill the importance of happiness and the need to celebrate oneself within students.

Over 828 students from Grade Nursery to Grade 10 celebrated the “Happiness Week”, hosted between July 25th to 28th, 2022, which included various activities that allowed students to celebrate and express themselves visually.

Students traced palms of paper, listed their five best characteristics, and spoke about themselves through activities like ‘Who am I?’ and indulged in discussions, creating art work and written content. Students brainstormed and recorded how they see themselves and created a collage that illustrates who they are. Other events also include engaging activities like listing feelings experienced at home and classrooms.

Besides this, laughter yoga, drawing things that make you laugh, create and share funny dialogue, make happiness collage, set up a gratitude jar, make a happiness journal and laughter therapy were conducted throughout the week. Each event was focused on personality development of the students and was aligned with the notion of mental rejuvenation.

On the occasion Rajiv Bansal, Director – Operations said “At GIIS, our core value of having a curriculum induced with fun and happy elements makes learning a highly productive and enjoyable exercise and experience for students. We realize that success in the contemporary world relies not just on cognisance, but also on creativity. Through our 9 GEMS pedagogy we ensure a truly innovative programme that uses an age-appropriate and adaptive approach to allow students to evolve as they grow. The idea to celebrate this week is to spread the message about the importance of happiness and well-being in our daily lives.”

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