Hosachiguru Colorothan Season 14: More Colourful & More of A Draw

Hosachiguru Colorothan Season 14: More Colourful & More of A Draw

Portraying One’s Imagination And Showcasing The Artistic Mastery On Colorothon Season-14

Bengaluru, 7 August 2022: The world’s biggest painting event, Colorothan Season 14 was organized at kittur Rani Chennamma Stadium Jayanagar, Bengaluru, on August 7th, Sunday from 8 AM to 3 PM. The event was open to all ages from 3 years to 90 years to draw, doddle, caricature, and paint anything as per one’s preference.

“Our vision is to see people from all over the country take part in painting on a day which will be celebrated as Colorothon Day,” says Kishore Joseph, Founder-Trustee of Colorothon and Breathe Entertainment, Publisher of thisweekindia.news and multiple world-record holders.

Colorothan Season 14

The Sunday morning’s touch of chilling weather of the monsoon, the cold breeze, and the drizzling glimmer of rainfall, the day, that every student, professional artist, cartoonist young mind, and budding talent has waited for. The hustle and bustle of joy began as the volunteers in white t-shirts started setting up the venue. Eventually, participants started arriving and registering themselves for the event. Participants from different corners of India actively participated in this event.

One of the professional painters Sunanda hails from West Bengal and started painting at the age of 65, currently, she is 76 years. She says that Colorothan feels like a festival, that is something different she observed in Colorothol. Her painting portrays the infinity of a woman crossing her limits and abjuring classical music. Painting needs to be observed and enjoying painting is a peaceful art.

Colorothan Season 14

Mr. Ramesh, who had come all the way from Kerala, portrays the beautiful nature and feels grateful to be participating in the event.

Mr. Ashok Jayanti, one of the founders of Hosachiguru, shared the joy moment as he mentioned the participants’ dedication and satisfaction with the event. Colorothon is not just about painting but also an opportunity to explore holistically.

“Creativity and Arts have no barrier,” said Mr. Shreenath from Hosachiguru, who was happy to see people from all age groups actively participating, in a cause. Participants came along with their families for the largest open-air drawing and painting session.

Colorothan Season 14

Several provisions were made to have smooth functioning of the event. Various stalls were set up and medical assistance too was provided by BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals.

A thousand portraits on a canvas, a sheet of paper some keeping on the table, on stairs, perhaps in every corner of the stadium, the thrill of excitement echoed. In every portrayal, there seemed a thousand narratives behind it. Colorothon is not just about paintings but it’s beyond that.

Mr. Robo Ganesh, Special Artist and variety entertainer from Chennai entertained the public with his amazing dance art. Mr. Manoj Copra, Asia’s Strongest Man gave a fantastic notch by doing impossible things. He tore a bundle of pages at one go. He then tears the license plate. The riskiest part was when be broke ninety steel roads in one minute. He rolled a frying pan no less than a dosa, which was extraordinary. Audience participation literally made the moment tremendous. His provoking words made every participant feel that “we are really a champion”.

Mr. Sridhar Comaravalla, a passionate Cartoonist entertained the kids and gathering by making cartoons with any scribbled things. “Colors resemble life. In paintings, it evokes a sense of hope and motivation. Our participation in this event is to bring Colors.

To add more vibrant colors to the event, the chief guest Smt. Sowmya Reddy, Jayanagar MLA, Sri. Ramalinga Reddy, MLA Working President KPCC. N. Nagaraju, Ex. Byrasandra Corporator, Ashok Jayanthi, Chairman, Hosachiguru and Biju Nair COO – BGS Glean Eagle. Global Hospital Bengaluru, Mr. Deeraj Singh, and other dignitaries on dais inaugurated Colorothon 2022, season 14 by lightning the lamp and involving Almighty’s blessings.

The chief guest, Smt. Sowmya Reddy highlighted the significance of painting and drawing. She postulated how important it is for people to explore the artistic world and live in the present.

The Ex-member and ruling party BBMP, Mr. Nagaraju beautifully portrayed the essence of paintings in one’s life through his message. Postulating on the matter of involvement in sports and games, Mr. Nagaraju addressed people to take well benefit of kittir Rani Chennamma Stadium, Bangalore. He wished his best to all the people present there.

Mr. Arun Kunar inspired the youths to keep painting and achieve a good name at the National and International levels. Chairman of Hosachiguru, Ashok Jayanti has been a constant support and a backbone of the event. He hopes and wishes the best for the event. Many professional artists shared the canvus with the dignitaries on the dias portraying the cause of Women’s Menstrual health. The paintings of the brilliant artists will be auctioned for the cause of spreading awareness about cancer and other issues.

A token of love and appreciation in the form of a moment and the citation was given to all the remarkable artists, who accepted the invitation and actively participated in the event for a cause. Mr.KS Ramesh Renowned, Magician brought the Colorothan out amidst the drizzling rain. Children reached cloud number nine and it was so fascinating.
From the beginning of the event, the very energy level of the people was awesome. Kids tried their hands on drums on Drum Circle with an Indo-African Band. a leg danced, were a part of a Flash Mob, and mixed and mingled with India’s Got talent artists.

Colorothan however made a positive impact on the lives of every people who were part of the event. It was not just about painting but was sheer enjoyment, fun, learning, doing, chilling, vibing, and so on.

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