IET India announces Future Tech Congress (FTC) 2022

IET India announces Future Tech Congress (FTC) 2022

Bengaluru, June 24th 2022 – Institution of Engineering and Technology, India (IET India) will host the IET Future Tech Congress, on the theme ‘Decoding tomorrow’s customer demands’. The two-day technology event is all set to take place in a ‘phygital’ format (completely accessible both physically, and digitally) on 22 – 23 November 2022.

The IoT India Congress was the annual flagship tech event organised by IET India since 2016. Termed as the Platform of Platforms for the Internet of Things, the focus of the event was to mainstream the possibilities that IoT held – both in terms of tech innovation and creation of business value. With 4 successful editions untill 2019, more than 350 speakers, and 5000 attendees (72% of whom were CXOs and decision makers from more than 20 industries) participating every year, it was one of the most important tech conferences for digital technology stakeholders in the region.

With the widespread adoption of IoT, the IET Future Tech Panel has reimagined the popular event in the form of the new and improved IET Future Tech Congress that is conceptualized to encompass a wide range of future and emerging technologies beyond IoT such as AI, blockchain, XR/VR and even Digital Twin technology. The IET Future Tech Panel has been consistently contributing to key impact sectors by enabling positive changes through AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing and IoT as well.

According to Mr. Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head and Director, IET India“The IET Future Tech Congress was launched with the idea of facilitating exchange of knowledge and ideas on emerging technologies to build future-forward solutions. Through this event, we hope to construct a futurescape of tomorrow’s customers and their demands by encouraging new ideas and innovative recommendations. We are all set to curate panels of renowned industry experts and thought leaders, and look forward to widespread participation from all stakeholders in the technology ecosystem”

Within the realm of customer demands, the IET Future Tech Congress 2022 will focus on four high-impact sectors: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Fintech and Supply Chain & Logistics. The event will examine innovative applications of emerging technologies like Blockchain, AI and Digital Twins in a future characterised by hyper-personalisation and hyper-localisation. The conference includes carefully curated use cases, debates and spotlight sessions on topics such as virtual simulations for product designing through Digital Twin, Interoperable health records through Blockchain technology, the use of human twin in diagnostics and decentralised finance.

Dr Rishi Bhatnagar, Chair, IET Future Tech Panel emphasises, “Future technologies continue to evolve – creating more efficiencies in the existing businesses and developing new business models and solutions. With the IET Future Tech Congress, we aim to create awareness around high-impact sectors and the business possibilities that can be unlocked with the use of this future tech. FTC is a forum for Industry and Academia to share their knowledge and how they utilised future technologies for better business outcomes. The event will also serve as a networking platform to meet the right people and grow their own businesses.”

Today, businesses are faced with a dire need to improve their customer experience to make it more personal, engaging and transparent. Consumers are not just looking for the best product at a fair price, but also want relevant information on demand, quick and efficient service and intelligent engagement. Moreover, a quick changing market and an environment fraught with unpredictability has made it necessary for every sector to have predictive insights and real-time data at their fingertips. With technology growing at an exponential rate, businesses must constantly stay ahead of the curve and channelise this growth towards meeting customer demands.

“The two-day tech event is going to feature some of the leading personalities from the world of technology to exchange future-tech solutions for existing and emerging challenges faced by impact sectors and how the implementation of the same can bring about a paradigm shift in the development of business growth and consumer relations,” says Suman Bhowmick, Events Development & Project Head – South Asia, IET. “Content, people and experience are the 3 most important aspects of a successful event and the FTC will have the best of these through some futuristic super keynotes, transformational technology use cases, exciting debates, tech spotlights from the realms of future technologies like AI, Blockchain and Digital Twin. Combined with a showcase driven Innovation expo, this event will feature the best applications of technology that the industry has ever seen and experienced.”, he adds.

This event is designed not only to act as a roadmap for businesses looking to get future-ready, but also to throw light on the opportunities and challenges that can be expected in the future of customer demands.

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