Relaxo demonstrating the power of collective efforts in overcoming challenges faced by rural educational institutions

Relaxo demonstrating the power of collective efforts in overcoming challenges faced by rural educational institutionsA series of attempts done under the “Parivartan Model School Development Project”, a CSR initiative of Relaxo Footwears Limited, led to resolving the long pending issue of Government Primary School, Karanpur, Block Khanpur, District Haridwar. This admirable exemplar of CSR intervention was witnessed at GPS Karanpur where students will now be able to attend classes in their school building after a huge gap of approximately three years.

GPS Karanpur had become a dumping ground of sewage water of the village, resulting in a collection of sewage water in the school ground and classrooms up to a height of 2 feet, making it impossible to conduct classes in the school premise. To resolve this problem, the teachers of the school submitted an application to the Education Department, Administration, and to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. Thereafter, appropriate orders were given by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights and the administration for a swift solution of the same following a visit and inspection of the problem. However, no resolution could be provided due to the differences among villagers. Ever since this issue has arisen, the classes for the students of the primary school were being conducted in the premises of the Upper Primary School.

Parivartan Project primarily focuses on the various activities conducted with the students, teachers, and parents; awareness sessions are conducted to make the community aware of education; efforts are made to make the school management committee active; and construction & renovation works of school premise is undertaken.

Meanwhile, under the Parivartan project, a unique concept of Education Support Group (ESG) was introduced in the target area wherein responsible citizens from the target village are selected to form a group whose primary responsibility is to address any issues hindering Education in the village, construction work and smooth implementation of the target activities. The issue was discussed with ESG members of Karanpur village to bring the opposing parties in the village to a consensus and provide an adequate solution for the concerned problem. After several meetings with the ESG members and community members a unanimous decision was made to construct a small wall at the inlet point of sewage water to stop the flow in the school premise and the same was constructed with funds made available by the school management committee about four months ago.

At present, the dirty water accumulated on the school premises has dried up and thus the decided renovation of the school is being started by Relaxo, hopefully after which it will be possible to conduct classes in the school again. The target community members are very delighted and content that Relaxo has undertaken this project which is proving fruitful in increasing awareness about the importance of education in the target communities.

The collaboration between Relaxo and the local community demonstrates the power of collective efforts in overcoming challenges faced by rural educational institutions. The success of this partnership serves as an inspiration for other organizations and communities to join hands in improving the quality of education across the country.

Mr. K.K. Gupta CEO- of Haridwar, applauded and congratulated Relaxo for the work done under the project and said, “The resolution of the problem associated with GPS Karanpur is a prominent example of the successful partnership of the Education Department, Relaxo and Local Community, which is very much required in today’s world. The education support groups formed under the Parivartan project are a commendable and innovative effort in themselves and I believe that the work of skill upgradation and infrastructure development conducted under the Parivartan project will have a far-reaching impact, which the education support group and the school management committee play an important role”.

Furthermore, praising the work done by Relaxo, Deputy Education Officer, Khanpur, Mrs. Dipti Yadav said that saying anything about Relaxo’s initiative under Parivartan Project is less. “They have done a commendable job in all the schools of Khanpur Block and solved a few issues like Karanpur Primary School. I am now happy that the classes will now run smoothly in this school premises. She also mentioned how the Parivartan Project helped in conducting the classes regularly through the learning groups providing TLM etc., for students of 13 schools during the school closure period due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” she said.

Mr. Gambhir Agarwal, CSR Head, Relaxo, said that “Our efforts are being made to provide equal opportunities of education to all in rural areas. At present, Relaxo is running this project in 77 schools. We have been trying for the last two years to solve the problem of Karanpur Vidyalaya and, finally with the help of the villagers and education department officials, it has become possible to solve this problem. I would especially like to thank the Chief Education Officer and Deputy Education Officer for their guidance and all the villagers who provided initial level cooperation to solve this problem”. He added that they are hopeful that after 15th of April, the classes will be smoothly conducted in this premise.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. K. K. Gupta, Chief Education Officer of Haridwar, and Ms. Deepti Yadav, Block Education Officer of Khanpur in a bid to commence the reconstruction of the school’s basic infrastructure.

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