SGT University Elevates its Education through International Collaboration

6th July 2024,Gurugram, India: SGT University’s Centre for Excellence in Andragogical and Pedagogical Sciences (CEAPS) has partnered with the Skills and Education Group (SEG), UK, to launch a three-month faculty training program titled “Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Strategies.” This collaboration highlights SGT University’s commitment to integrating international knowledge into its teaching strategies.


SGT University and SEG, UK, celebrate the success of the faculty training program at the valedictorian ceremony

The program began on April 11, 2024, and combined face-to-face and virtual courses. Online sessions were followed by in-person assessment meetings on June 19–20, 2024, led by distinguished UK facilitators Ms. Jo Shirley and Dr. Alison Scott. This blend of delivery methods ensured the program remained dynamic and innovative in its approach to teaching practice.

“This collaboration with the Skills and Education Group (SEG), UK, marks a significant step forward towards improving the quality of education in the country. We cannot expect students to inculcate best practices in learning if we don’t also train the teachers to follow the best practices in teaching,” said Dr Astha Chaudhry- MDS, Oral Medicine and Radiology, Professor and Head, Dept of Oral Medicine and Radiology, Faculty of Dental Sciences, Convenor, CEAPS Secretary, UNESCO-Bioethics Unit SGT University, Gurugram.

A notable highlight of the program was the “Emerging Leaders” session on June 21, focusing on coaching and mentoring fundamentals, models, and tools for teaching environments. Participants explored the differences between coaching and mentoring, and how coaching can drive positive change and enhance workplace development. The session covered concepts such as the flow theory, various coaching models, the GROW model, coaching questions, and aligning coaching with performance management. Attendees engaged in exercises emphasizing strengths-based coaching and building resilience.

The program culminated with a valedictorian ceremony on June 20, 2024, at SGT University’s Shooting Floor, A-Block. This event celebrated the trainees’ efforts and achievements, with several distinguished guests from SEG, UK, including Deputy Chief Executive Scott Forbes, Ms. Jo Shirley, and Dr. Alison Scott, gracing the event and presenting tokens of appreciation to the trainees.

SGT University’s leadership, including Vice Chancellor Dr. Atul Kumar Nasa, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Anil S. Kumar, and Dean of Academics Prof. Rajesh Kumar Sinha, attended the ceremony, along with several deans and directors, marking a significant milestone in the university’s commitment to educational excellence.

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