The Duolingo English Test Launches ‘Why I Took the DET’ Campaign, Showcasing Study Abroad Success Stories

The Duolingo English Test Launches 'Why I Took the DET' Campaign, Showcasing Study Abroad Success Stories04th July 2024: The Duolingo English Test (DET), a modern English proficiency assessment for today’s international students and institutions, launched it’s Why I took the DET’ campaign with a series of films highlighting how the test is a game-changer for study abroad aspirations. Produced by Supari Studios, the campaign features testimonials from six students, showcasing how the DET offers a convenient, affordable, fast, and hassle-free path to English proficiency.

India, the second-largest source of international students for English-speaking countries, presents a significant opportunity for the DET. In 2023, Indian students applied to programs in over 83 countries, marking a 9% increase from the previous year. This surge underscores the continued demand for accessible, reliable, and secure English testing options, extending beyond urban centres and reaching students in smaller cities and towns. Notably, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have emerged as leading regions for DET test-takers in India, and Digitas India has crafted an extensive OOH and print campaign to drive engagement with students in this region.

Addressing the high demand for international study and the numerous options available for English proficiency testing, the films share authentic stories from test-takers from across regions – Murrad, Pragya, Rahul, Rushil, Naveen, and Rushikesh, all with different aspirations, spotlighting why the DET was their preferred choice while applying for prestigious universities worldwide, especially in the US. Available online, and on-demand, the DET delivers results in just 2 days and costs approx INR 5000, opening doors for Indian students, including those in remote areas, empowering them to pursue higher education at renowned universities and unlocking a world of opportunities.

Tara Kapur, Marketing Head for Duolingo English Test in India said, “There’s no better way to showcase one’s product than to have consumers talk about it and share their experiences. That’s why we decided to be extremely direct and showcase a range of students from across India, and have them share their DET stories. Ultimately the Duolingo English Test is just one step in a student’s application process for studying abroad, and we want to make sure that we are providing students with a bridge to higher education, instead of being a barrier in that journey. This campaign comes at a perfect time, as many students are gearing up to submit their applications for the spring intake at universities in the US.”

Manoti Jain, COO, Supari Studios, “At Supari Studios we aimed to ensure that we enable the brand’s vision to capture student success stories. Every year thousands of students around India take the DET. One of our happy tasks was to sift through these and identify a diverse set of students who had their unique challenges and were ready to share their experiences of the test with us. Our approach was to not have the students read out from scripts but to ask them questions and try to capture actual testimonials. This ensured a very natural and conversational flow to the creative process, as well as real, authentic storytelling. We hope that these student success stories will inspire many more students in India to take the leap and pursue higher education; and for the DET to continue to be a part of their journey!”

The campaign also extends its impact through various mediums, including OOH and print, across multiple locations. As the final stage, the DET is hosting a Study Abroad Event in Hyderabad on 4th August 2024. This event aims to bridge the gap between aspiring students and their dream universities by connecting them with experts who provide valuable insights into the application process. Top study abroad creators, counsellors, and real-life success stories such as Srikanth Bolla, and Adivi Sesh, among others, are invited to speak on panels and give workshops to aspirants.

Bhavya Khurana, Vice President – Media, Digitas India, “Recognizing the strong volume of US test takers across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, we prioritized our investments to deliver comprehensive omnichannel exposure in these regions. This hyperlocal approach includes Out-of-Home (OOH), Print, Digital, and even on-ground events to achieve incremental and influential reach among study-abroad aspirants.”

Accepted by over 5000 programs in more than 100 countries, the DET transcends geographical boundaries, offering a universally recognized English language proficiency assessment. From esteemed institutions like the University of Toronto and Imperial College London to the top 25 highest-enrollment universities for international students in the US, the DET’s acceptance underscores its global relevance.

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