Vedanta’s Iron Ore Business launches ‘#SesaForGreenerGood’ Campaign to highlight their unique environment conservation measures

Vedanta’s Iron Ore Business launches ‘#SesaForGreenerGood’ Campaign to highlight their unique environment conservation measures

New Delhi, May 23, 2022: In view of International Day of Biological Diversity and World Environment Day, Vedanta’s Iron Ore Business launched #SesaForGreenerGood campaign to highlight unique Biodiversity conservation and systematic Mine reclamation measures across all the business units. The campaign was launched with a teaser to give brief idea about the campaign through Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.

The campaign will also emphasise upon the ESG initiatives and will be targeted towards mobilising the stakeholders to further enhance contribution towards adoption of robust sustainable industry practices. The campaign will focus on highlighting trend setting Green Model adopted by company including various sustainability initiatives such as Afforestation, Pisciculture Project, Nakshatra Garden, Charak Vatika, spice plantation, Butterfly Park, Bamboo Setum, Bamboo Pavillion, Sesa Technical School, Sesa Football Academy implemented by Sesa Goa Iron Ore business and will create awareness about replication of similar kind of initiatives for Biodiversity conservation and sustainable future at large. This will be done by way of sharing success stories, testimonials, and methodology behind these projects to underline committed efforts by Sesa Goa Iron Ore Business to set up new industry trends. Sesa Goa Iron Ore Business also recently implemented innovative Miyawaki plantation technique to develop green belt areas and implemented various initiatives towards water conservation & carbon neutrality.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Sujal Shah, CEO- Iron Ore Business, Vedanta Limited said, “At Vedanta, we remain committed to the triple bottom line of ‘People, Planet, and Prosperity’ to create a sustainable future for communities with utmost focus on operations with ‘zero-harm, zero waste and zero discharge’. Our unique mine reclamation and biodiversity conservation measures are the testimony of our conviction that it is possible to create sustainable industry model focused on the well-being of communities and ‘build a shared future for all life’ which is the theme of International Biodiversity Day this year. The objective of the ‘#SesaForGreenerGood’ campaign is to showcase our tremendous efforts towards sustainable mining and reaffirm our commitment towards further adoption of innovative green technologies & practices to create higher benchmarks for the industry.”

The Company has planted more than 7.5 Lakh saplings in the reclaimed mine. Company introduced several focused initiatives to increase bird and butterfly activity in the area.

The reclaimed mine boasts of two well planned gardens namely Nakshatra garden and medicinal garden. These gardens have been developed with an aim to spread awareness amongst the communities and school students about medicinal plants growing in the surroundings and their numerous benefits. Sesa Technical School, built on the reclaimed Sanquelim mine aims to impart training skill, to develop technical knowledge and to train the local youth in employment-oriented fields, so as to enhance their opportunities in securing jobs in the industries or help in self-employment. Sesa Football Academy, which is also constructed on the reclaimed mine, offers a fully sponsored residential course of four years.

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