Chunky Panday on Resilience and Reinvention in Latest Release ‘Industry

Mumbai,4th July 2024: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released the drama series Industry, which offers an unfiltered look into the world of the Hindi film industry. The series revolves around Aayush Verma, a determined screenwriter who strives to achieve his dreams in the competitive and volatile world of Bollywood. Delving into the personal and professional trials of those striving to succeed in showbiz, Industry boasts a bittersweet migrant fairytale with a blend of glitter, grit, hopes, and dreams. Produced by TVF, the series features Chunky Panday, Gagan Arora, and Asha Negi in the lead roles, along with a talented supporting cast.

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Chunky Panday, who essays the role of Rakesh Raman in the series, shared his thoughts on the ever-evolving nature of the film industry. He said, “In 1987, when VHS became a sensation, a lot of people predicted the film industry was going to shut down because everyone would switch to watching video cassettes. But, in turn, the industry only grew bigger. Then came television, and they said no one would go to theatres anymore, that people would just watch TV channels at home. But, to everyone’s surprise, our film industry expanded even further. Then came OTT platforms, and they said it was over. However, Baahubali, Pathaan, Jawaan, War, and many other blockbusters proved them wrong, and how.”

He further emphasized the resilience and adaptability of the film industry by stating, “The industry has expanded, improved, and evolved significantly. One of the greatest strengths of our industry is that we continue to reinvent ourselves to resonate with the audience, whose preferences keep shifting with time.”

Industry is now streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV for free within Amazon’s shopping app, on Prime Video, Fire TV, Smart TVs, or download the app from Play Store.

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