Colors Bangla presents an extraordinary story of leadership through Canning er Minu

Colors Bangla presents an extraordinary story of leadership through Canning er Minu

Everyday there are lakhs of domestic helps who travel from far-off places and spend the day taking care of other people’s homes and children. They are the most important aspect for any household and panic buttons are pressed if they are absent for one day. From cleaning to cooking and taking care of children and the elderly, domestic helps carry out a range of tasks. Each of them has their own share of struggles, aspirations and fights. Saluting the grit and strength of an ordinary house help, Colors Bangla presents the story of Minu who would finally become the people’s leader. Minu, with her great leadership qualities, is everyone’s favourite and the masses respect her immensely. The upcoming show Canning er Minu Special Partner Dear Lotteries, to be premiered on 22nd August every day at 8.30 pm on Colors Bangla, will have Diya Basu in the titular role.

Speaking on the launch of the show Sagnik Ghosh, Business Head, Colors Bangla said, “Our fictions shows are inspired by real life women, be it Tumpa or Indrani. Through the show we would want to bring positivity, determination, hope, resilience to our audiences. The show promises an inspiring story of Minu who is loved and revered by one and all. The show has a clutter-breaking storyline, and we are confident that the audiences will enjoy our narrative through the eyes of our protagonist.”

Minu (played by Diya Basu) from Canning is a house help at the currently serving Chief Minister’s house. The people at Chief Minister’s house are very fond of her as she takes care of their smallest things. She is very caring, courageous and is always willing to help others. The feisty Minu is the one who fights for truth and justice and that is what makes her a people’s person. She works at the famous Ghosal house where everyone is fond of her. But fate takes her in a different direction and Minu accidentally becomes an MLA. It is Minu’s story of leadership and her extraordinary journey of becoming a leader of the masses.

At the marketing front the channel has employed 360-degree innovative campaigns as a cohesive platform across TV, MSO Networks, Radio, OOH, on ground, print, digital and other mediums as well. The channel has tied up with few women who have real life stories of pushing the boundaries. The most important Canning-Sealdah route will be targeted.

With an ensemble cast of Dipankar Dey, Chaiti Ghosal, Abanti Dutta, Shayan Mukherjee the show is an ode to all the unsung women who dreams big.

Watch this extraordinary story of Minu on Colors Bangla’s new show Canning er Minu from 22nd August every day at 8.30 pm.

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