Exploring Rajasthan’s Allure: ‘Saajha Sindoor’ Cast Faces Heat Challenges and Culinary Adventures

Exploring Rajasthan's Allure: 'Saajha Sindoor' Cast Faces Heat Challenges and Culinary AdventuresThe show ‘Saajha Sindoor’ has garnered significant popularity for its compelling storyline and unique approach to drama. Currently set in Rajasthan, the actors, including Krutika Desai portraying Dhara, share their experiences. Krutika discusses the challenges of shooting in sarees and makeup in 50-degree heat, while Sahil Uppal embraces the flavours of Rajasthan, experiencing a culinary delight that refreshes his taste buds.

Krutika Desai, known for her role as Dhara in Sun Neo’s ‘Saajha Sindoor,’ opened up about the daunting challenge of filming outdoors saying “Shooting ‘Saajha Sindoor’ in Rajasthan’s scorching 50-degree heat was truly challenging. Wearing sarees and makeup under those conditions felt like being cooked on a frying pan! It was a real endurance test. Despite the tough circumstances, I must commend our team’s dedication. The experience was tough, yet it was incredibly enriching, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to portray Dhara in such a vibrant setting”.

Meanwhile, Sahil Uppal, also part of ‘Saajha Sindoor,’ shared his delightful solo adventures and said “Exploring Rajasthan’s local cuisine during breaks from shooting on sets of ‘Saajha Sindoor’ was a delightful escape for me. Despite the intense heat during shoots, I found joy in discovering the region’s culinary treasures. From savoring Dal Bhatti to indulging in Gehwar desserts, every bite was a refreshing break and a chance to connect deeply with the vibrant local culture. It added a whole new dimension to my experience filming in this beautiful land”.

For a dose of engaging drama, tune in to ‘Saajha Sindoor’ on Sun Neo every Monday to Saturday at 8:00 PM

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