Kota Factory Stars Open Up to WION About Season 3 and Audience Expectations

Kota Factory Stars Open Up to WION About Season 3 and Audience ExpectationsShomini Sen from WION recently engaged in a compelling conversation with the cast of Kota Factory Season 3, including Jitendra Kumar, Tillotama Shome, and Mayur More, who discussed their experiences and the pressures of continuing a successful series. According to Mayur More, the primary pressure falls on the directors and makers, especially with the transition from Raghav Subbu in Seasons 1 and 2 to Pratish Mehta in Season 3. Jitendra Kumar, agreed, stating that while the first season enjoyed freedom and unpredictability, subsequent seasons carry the responsibility of meeting audience expectations without straying from the original vision.

The success of Kota Factory has resulted in interesting real-life interactions for the cast members. Mayur More shared how students often mistake him for an actual engineer, seeking advice for their studies, and he humorously clarifies his role as an actor. Jitendra Kumar,  also recounted how fans frequently confuse him with his character, Jeetu Bhaiya, expecting mentorship and life advice. Both actors emphasized the challenge of managing these expectations while recognizing the positive influence their characters have on viewers.

The interview also explored the significance of strong writing in OTT series. Mayur More stressed that a solid script is essential for a show’s success, criticizing the reliance on good actors to carry weak stories. Tillotama Shome appreciated the diversity of writers from different backgrounds, seeing it as a refreshing change that brings new perspectives. Jitendra Kumar,  welcomed the crowded OTT space, noting that it provides opportunities for more variety and creativity, and encouraged continuous hard work from artists.

In their discussion with WION, the cast of Kota Factory Season 3 offered valuable insights into the series’ dynamics and the evolving OTT landscape. They shared personal experiences, addressed the pressures of sequels, and highlighted the importance of quality writing. This engaging conversation underscored the dedication and passion that have driven the success of Kota Factory, showcasing its significant impact on both the audience and the actors involved.

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