Padmashree Pandit Umakant Gundecha Performed Ancient Indian Musical Vocal Genre Known as Dhrupad.

Padmashree Pandit Umakant Gundecha Performed Ancient Indian Musical Vocal Genre Known as Dhrupad.

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Hyderabad, November 22, 2022…. Dhrupad vocal performances were held in the city on Sunday and continued till late evening at Rangbhoomi Spaces, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Padmashree Pandit Umakant Gundecha performed an ancient Indian musical vocal genre known as Dhrupad.

Speaking on the occasion Umakant Gundecha said Hyderabad as a city is growing in Indian Classical Music. The city is promoting a lot of young talent in Indian Classical Music. And this talent is taking Indian classical music all over the world. Mohan Hammadi has done a yeo man service in promoting Indian Classical Music in Hyderabad by establishing Surmandal 50 years. And he is befittingly felicitated today. He richly deserves this honor. It is my fortune to felicitate. He Bagan his performance with Raga Bageshri is a Hindustani classical raga, a popular night raga, which is meant to depict the emotion of a woman.

Dhani Gundecha seen performing Hindustani Vocal Dhrupad. Accompained by Akhilesh Gundecha on Tabla

Also, the artists were Umakanth’s Daughter Dhani Gundecha who performed before him And his nephew Anant Gundecha performed along with Umakanth. Kaushik Lahoti the founder of Kaushikdhwanee also performed on the occasion

Well-known music lover and founder of 50 years Surmandal a cultural organization in the service of music Mr Mohan Hemmadi was honored

It was an enchanting evening of Dhrupad vocal performances.

On Sunday evening Padmashree Pandit Umakant Gundecha and other vocalists performed it to the full audience.

Umakant Gundecha is known as the leading Dagarvani Dhrupad singer.

Mohan Hemmadi seen honoured by Umakanth Gundecha on the 2day Music Festival

Umakant Gundicha along with his brother Late Pandit Ramakant Gundecha presented Drupad on several global stages. They have been the most active performers and teachers of the ancient Indian musical vocal genre known as Dhrupad. They have done numerous international tours visiting 50-plus countries.

This Festival of Music was organised by KaushikDhwanee Music Dance and Art Academy in association with Telangana Tourism and the Department of Language & Culture, Govt of Telangana.

It was a two-day music festival held on Saturday and Sunday. On Day 1 on Saturday Students and Teachers of KaushikDhwanee presented various items in Indian Classical as well as Western Music and Dance.

On Day two on Sunday, a Classical Vocal Music Dhrupad performance was held by Maestro Pandit Umakant Gunecha, Shri Anant Gundecha, Ms. Dhani Gundecha, and Shri Kaushik Lahoti. Pakhawaj was accompanied by Shri Akhilesh Gundecha.

It was organised on the occasion of KaushikDhwanee’s 10 years completion. It was founded in 2012. Here Singing, various musical instruments, and dance and art forms are taught. The objective of KaushikDhwanee is to present classical music such that it will appeal to and be appreciated by the masses. In these ten years, it trained 5000+ Students. 500+ were trained for Trinity College of Music grade exams. 250+ were trained for Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Indian Music exams.

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