People fell in love with it, says Anandeshwar Dwivedi, aka Lleo, while talking about his character in The Adventures on Lleo

LLEO- STILLMumbai, 8 November 2023: Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released its one-of-a-kind comedy series, The Adventures Of Lleo. The character spin-off from the popular show Permanent Roommates, the drama takes us on a wild ride with the beloved character Lleo, played by Anandeshwar Dwivedi. Garnering rave reviews, the series has a high rating of 9.5 on IMDB and is being lauded for its quirky narrative. With a blend of unusual survival tricks, hilarious one-liners, and side-splitting moments, the series is streaming on Amazon miniTV for free. Anandeshwar Dwivedi candidly spoke about the series, shedding light on his character and sharing fun BTS moments.

Talking about his character, Anandeshwar shared how people adored Lleo and eagerly awaited a spin-off. “This character comes from the world of Permanent Roommates S1, and the day we introduced it, people fell in love with it, further demanding a spin-off. They were curious about his journey, how he lived, and what he did. In season 2, we gave a glimpse of how he became a millionaire all of a sudden. And we built this character from there, crafting his journey of how he is living after becoming rich suddenly. This show is about how he survives with all this wealth.”

Feeling nostalgic, he further shared the fun BTS moments from the sets. He said, “I was not only acting but also the writer and producer of the show, so I barely got to live the fun moments. However, I remember the scene of the police officers where an actual police van also came from behind. We had to explain everything to them and continue the shoot. It was a hilarious moment. All the comedy scenes were fun to shoot.”

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