Prime Video India Leads in YouGov Recommend Rankings 2022…

Prime Video India Leads in YouGov Recommend Rankings 2022…

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MUMBAI, India – 2nd September 2022 – Prime Video, India’s most loved entertainment hub, has ranked #1 on the YouGov Recommend Rankings 2022 in India, with a recommend score of 84.1%. The ranking is based on YouGov Brand Index’s positive recommend score that represents the percentage of a brand’s customers who would recommend it to a friend or colleague. A testament of Prime Video’s vision to be the world’s favorite entertainment brand, and the first-choice entertainment hub globally, India is the only country where a video streaming service has reached the topmost position in the annual ranking report.

The analysis is based on evaluating the percentage of customers of a brand who would recommend or refer that brand to others. The YouGov Recommend Rankings report for 2022 has been done for the time frame between 1st June 2021 to 31st May 2022, evaluating 14 sectors, ranging from streaming services, ecommerce brands to consumer durables and electronics, amongst others. The data was collected from the country’s general population of adults in the age group of 18 years and above, on a daily basis, against a range of metrics using YouGov’s flagship YouGov BrandIndex tool.

Prime Video recently completed 5 years in the country and in this short span of time, India has become one of the fastest growing and most engaged locales within the Prime Video universe. The ranking mirrors the fact that Indian streaming customers are enjoying the diverse and differentiated programming and services, ranging from Indian and international original series and movies, direct-to-service movie premieres, as well as adjacent offerings such as Movie Rentals on Prime Video, Prime Video Channels, Prime Video Mobile Edition, and much more.

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