Sahil Uppal from ‘Saajha Sindoor’ Discusses His Deep Connection with His Character and Excitement as the Lead

Sahil Uppal from 'Saajha Sindoor' Shares His Deep Connection with His On-Screen Character and His Excitement About Playing the Main LeadActor Sahil Uppal is thrilled about his new show on Sun Neo, ‘Saajha Sindoor’. He eagerly shared insights about his character, Gagan, highlighting how the character’s determined and principled nature mirrors his own personal beliefs. Sahil is very keen on portraying Gagan with the same conviction and dedication that he upholds in his own life, making this role a true reflection of himself.

Set against the majestic backdrop of a royal family in Rajasthan, the show beautifully captures the splendor and traditions of Rajasthani nobility. It delves deep into the complexities of relationships and the struggles of women in society, addressing themes of love, betrayal, and societal challenges. Sahil Uppal will portray Gagan, the central character of the show. The talented actor recently opened up about his character and shared some fascinating insights.

Sahil Uppal revealed, “There are many similarities between me and my character, Gagan. The values and principles Gagan follows in the show mirror those I strive to uphold in my everyday life. Being a loyal and responsible person, I feel a deep connection with Gagan. Family is everything to me, and I am willing to do anything for my loved ones, just as Gagan does in the show.”

He also added, “Having been part of other shows, I always aspired to play the main lead. I feel incredibly fortunate that the script for ‘Saajha Sindoor’ arrived at the perfect moment, allowing me to realise this dream. This opportunity is truly a blessing, and I’m excited to bring this character to life.”

Featuring a stellar cast including Sangeeta Ghosh, Sahil Uppal, Neelu Vaghela, Krutika Desai, and many other talented actors in pivotal roles, the show promises to deliver a captivating portrayal of emotions and relationships. Set against the grandeur of Rajasthan’s aristocracy, it brings to life the rich cultural heritage and the intricate dynamics of a royal family.

Tune in to Sun Neo to catch the show, airing every Monday to Saturday at 8:00 PM

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