Ranchi’s Shatrunjaywins the Jharkhand State Table Tennis Under-19 Men’s Singles title

Ranchi’s Shatrunjaywins the Jharkhand State Table Tennis Under-19 Men’s Singles title

Ranchi, August 25th, 2022: The achievements made in the field of sports at the national and international levels have always made the nation proud. The country has made great progress every year in the field of sports, and there are many budding players coming up in various sports who want to move ahead with their hard work and dedication. One such table tennis player from Jharkhand’s Lalpur, Ranchi is Satrunjay Chakraborty, who recently won the Under-19 Men’s Singles title in the first Jharkhand State Table Tennis Championship held at the JRD Tata Sports Complex. This victory goes to M3M Foundation’s ‘Lakshya’ program with his dedication and hard work, with the support of which he achieved this victory.

On this occasion, Satrunjay said, “There is an atmosphere of happiness in the family. I also thank M3M Foundation for their support as they also owe a great thanks behind this performance. I am fully focused on taking part in the big tournaments ahead. “

Congratulating Satrunjay on this victory, Dr. Payal Kanodia, Trustee, M3M Foundation said, “First of all, many congratulations to Satrunjay Chakraborty for this victory. The target program we started in March 2022 is now showing its results. We all know that Priyanka Kewat has won the International Wushu Championship in Georgia, I am happy to share that Shivraj Bhosle recently won the runner-up trophy in the Under-16 category in the All India Tennis tournament organised by the All India Tennis Association in Gurgaon. Shivraj is our youngest trainee and is only 12 years old now. At the State Level Table Tennis Tournament in Ranchi, our trainee Satrunjay Chakraborty won the Under-19 Men’s title and finished runner-up in the Men’s category. All these achievements prove the usefulness and success of the Lakshya program being run under the M3M Foundation. The idea with which we started the Lakshya program as an institution makes us committed to taking the budding talent to the national and international level. “

Satrunjay started playing after seeing Sharad Kumar, one of the best players in India, and he considers him his role model. Satrunjay Chakraborty is currently a member of a club in Ranchi. But due to financial problems for the best training, they sometimes have to face problems. For such needy sportspersons, an organisation called M3M Foundation of Gurugram has come forward and provided a scholarship under its ‘Lakshya’ program to help fulfill Satrunjay’s dreams. He is now concentrating on his game without any challenge. The objective of M3M Foundation is to provide scholarships under the Lakshya program to such Indian players who have excellent performances in the game but are unable to progress due to poor financial conditions.

M3M Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the M3M Group, is working towards bringing about equitable development with the vision of Ujwal India. Its major areas are education, the environment, health, disaster management, and socio-economic development. The Foundation believes in adopting an innovative approach to address social issues by developing a self-sustaining program.

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