Ayushakti’s Ayurveda treatment treats 59 years old, Mr. Waghmare’s chronic ailments

Ayushakti’s Ayurveda treatment treats 59 years old, Mr. Waghmare’s chronic ailments

Mumbai, 06th October, 2022: When a person is undergoing lot of pain, physically as well as mentally, they knock all doors to find solutions. One such case is of Mr. Prahlad Waghmare, who had been facing health problems such as obesity, knee pain and abdomen issues.

59-year-old, Mr. Waghmare had severe knee pain since 1992-93, as he was a football player then. Along with that he also had obesity and weighed around 105 kg, which led to multiple health concerns, over a period of time.

In 2021 he reached out to Ayushakti and was under the treatment of Dr. Reshma Shelar who checked his pulse rate, understood the history and suggested the treatment.

Treatment provided:

The team at Ayushakti under Dr. Reshma Shelar suggested to undergo the Power Detox treatment Power Detox by Ayushakti is program having 40 ayurvedic treatments. Detoxification at Ayushakti is a powerful 3 to 5 weeks program which involves 5 steps – First stage liquefying the toxins which are stuck in our tissues and channels, the Second stage moving them to our digestive system using special herbal oils internally and massaging externally, third stage elimination of toxins through stools using special herbs, 4th stage lubrication using special herbal oil & Enemas and finally rejuvenation to the whole body through specially designed plans. The process relieves the causes from the root thus, prevents further relapses and complications in any illnesses. It is very essential to detox your body at least once every year to maintain and prevent you from any kind of illnesses.

Speaking on the treatment and guidance provided by Ayushakti, Mr. Waghmare said, “I came to know about Ayushakti via a Facebook ad, and I reached out to them. In the first pulse reading itself, Dr. Reshma was able to figure around 60%-70% of my health concerns. I was very impressed with that and the support they provided during the entire treatment.”

“I was told by three orthopaedic surgeons to undergo knee surgery, and I was not keen on it as it changes the original body structure. Ayurveda has been known to find the cure of any problem or disease from the roots. After having tried all methods, I am glad I moved to Ayurveda. Dr. Shelar and the entire team at Ayushakti have been very patient with me, in this journey and I am grateful to them for being a part of such an important phase in my life”, he further added.


The treatment has been going on for 5 weeks months and around 30 ayurvedic treatments are completed. Mr. Prahlad is seeing miraculous results and has lost his body swelling, 2 kgs of weight, in a steady manner and is feeling healthier and more fit now.

(Disclaimer – This treatment can differ from patient to patient, to be followed under expert’s guidance and prescription only)

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