launched the world’s first LGBT health and wellness cloud starting from Bengaluru, India launched the world’s first LGBT health and wellness cloud starting from Bengaluru, IndiaBengaluru, 16 Dec 2022 – Borderless. lgbt launched the world’s first LGBT health and wellness Cloud on Thursday, 15 Dec 2022 in Bengaluru, India to bring top LGBT health and wellness experts in India and the world to support LGBT communities. This first-of-its-kind clinic of the future and home health initiative were introduced to support the LGBT communities in India via Borderless. lgbt’s health and wellness cloud. will commence signing up of local doctors in India who are interested to work with global LGBT health and wellness experts to develop a new healthcare delivery via the LGBT clinic-of-the-future and technology-enabled home health in India.

During the launch of Borderless. lgbt, a panel discussion consisting of global key knowledge leaders was organized to discuss how the best-of-class health and wellness knowledge delivery can be democratized into clinics and homes in India.

Borderless. lgbt’s clinical lead and founding stakeholder, Dr. Wayne Ho, will commence knowledge support for doctors in India interested in the education and development of LGBT medicine globally. Dr. Ho is an HIV and LGBT medicine specialist for the AIDS Project Los Angeles, an internal medicine specialist, a clinical researcher, and a clinical associate professor at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

Borderless. lgbt has already aggregated a network of global experts including Stephen Page, an award-winning lawyer specializing in LGBTIQ+ family planning issues; Prof Andrew Lear, a world-renowned expert on sexuality in art; fertility specialists Dr. Sameer Jatkar from Australia and Prof Tan Seang Lin, the founding medical director of McGill Reproductive Centre (Canada) and many other LGBT medicine specialists and mental health experts.

“We hope to transform the landscape of LGBT healthcare delivery from a basic accessibility model to a knowledge-based model which will allow global experts to collaborate with local doctors to augment the local LGBT care in India with international perspective and recommendations, delivered seamlessly through our clinic-of-the-future premises and in the home,” says Dr. Wayne Ho.

Borderless. lgbt envisions an interactive partnership with local doctors to provide the Indian LGBT communities with the best of global care delivered within the rich context of Indian culture and customs, either through one of the clinics of the future or in the privacy of peoples’ homes. Interested doctors and health and wellness professionals including dietitians, fitness coaches, and psychologists can sign up to explore collaboration with global LGBT key opinion leaders at


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