Good Nutrition Private Limited enters the nutraceutical space

Good Nutrition Private Limited enters the nutraceutical space

A new company, Good Nutrition Private Limited, has entered the nutraceutical space with a wide range of products. The first of these is Good Nutrition’s Nutritional Smoothie Mix, available in both Whey protein and Soy protein. Whichever protein you select, you can be sure the Smoothie Mix will complete your daily nutrition needs. What’s more, it is also an effective weight management and weight loss aid. Choose from two delicious flavours – Chocolate and Berry Blast. Either way, it’s a tasty start to your health journey.

In addition, Good Nutrition has launched products like Immunity Fizz, Liver Health, Sexual Wellness, Relax Shot among others, that address various lifestyle challenges that modern Indians face day-to-day. Using these products helps bring effective, long-lasting change in the quality of their lives.

Good Nutrition’s entire range of products contain high-quality ingredients, obtained from best-in-class sources across India, manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility. Combined with the latest food science and nutrition technology, they deliver more effective results. Good Nutrition’s product range covers the needs and challenges of modern-day urban living.

The Good Nutrition team is a set of experts from the nutraceutical industry with over six decades of industry and product knowledge.

Speaking on the launch of Good Nutrition’s range of products, Satyaketu Singh, CEO, Good Nutrition, said, “My team and I are excited to bring this range of products into India. Starting with the Nutritional Smoothie Mix, we’ve worked hard to bring the best combination of high-quality ingredients and nutritional technology to present a range of products to our customers. that delivers real, measurable efficacy and value.”

“The Nutritional Smoothie Mix is a fantastic example of this combination of nature and science. We’ve got two types of protein available; Whey and Soy. You get Whey in a delicious Chocolate flavour while Soy protein has a lip-smacking Berry Blast flavour. Whichever one you choose, you will get a single product that completes your nutrition for the day with its long list of incredible ingredients: protein, antioxidants, probiotics, fibre, vitamins and minerals, but that’s not all. Each Nutritional Smoothie Mix will also help you either replace a meal, which means manage your weight, or increase it, which means supplementing your meal. It’s really an all-in-one product, and we’re so proud to launch it for our customers,” added Singh.

“Just as we don’t age in a day, or develop wrinkles or illnesses in a week, we have to remember that getting healthier is also an ongoing journey, a process. At Good Nutrition, we promise that when you take a better health journey with us, you’ll do better, every day,” concluded Singh.

Independent research carried out by many reputed medical organisations across the world have proven one worrying fact: that the home-based diet of most Indians lacks adequate protein, is high on carbs and fats, and does not deliver the full set of nutrients necessary for the body on a daily basis to remain healthy in the long-term. This is irrespective of the region, or the dietary preferences of the individuals, across the nation. India is also the epicentre of Type 2 Diabetes. This is a deeply concerning reality today.

This is compounded by increasingly sedentary lifestyles, amplified by the work-from-home phenomenon, the deterioration in the quality of food and vegetables consumed due to adulteration, lowered nutrient value in our food and vegetables due to over-farming and depletion of the soil’s nutrients, the deterioration in the air and water we have access to, due to pollution, and easy access to outside food for town and city dwellers, leading to more junk food consumption.

Thus, there is a large gap between what we consume every day, and what our body actually needs on a daily basis. This variance is the overall wellness gap that all of us experience: widening waistlines, increased stress, lethargy, aging bodies, lack of energy, loss of libido, and more. Good Nutrition aims to bridge this gap by creating and delivering high quality products that close the nutritional gap between our consumption and our needs. This helps our customers manage their nutrition better, and the result of that is a healthier, more energetic and engaged life. A life that holds on to its youthful zest and outlook, helping them stay younger for longer.

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