Indian Medical Association Forms National Alliance on Antimicrobial Resistance

New Delhi, 10th July, 2024 – The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has taken a significant step forward in the battle against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) by forming the National Alliance of Medical Professionals on Antimicrobial Resistance (NAMP-AMR). This pioneering initiative brings together leaders and representatives of 52 medical specialty organizations/associations from across the nation, uniting on a common platform to strategize against this important health crisis.

The formation of NAMP-AMR by the Indian Medical Association marks the beginning of a concerted national effort to tackle the silent pandemic of AMR that poses a significant threat to the health of our nation. In 2019 alone, AMR was responsible for 297,000 deaths and associated with 1,042,500 deaths in our country. Led by IMA, NAMP-AMR aims to address this crisis head-on.

Dr. Narendra Saini, Chairman of IMA AMR, underscored the silent pandemic of AMR threatening the nation. “AMR poses a significant threat to the health of our Nation. In 2019, there were 297,000 deaths attributable to AMR and 1,042,500 deaths associated with AMR in our country. The formation of NAMP-AMR by the Indian Medical Association marks the beginning of a concerted National effort to tackle this crisis head-on,” stated Dr. Saini.

The government, represented by Dr. VK Paul from NITI Aayog, has affirmed its commitment to addressing Antimicrobial Resistance. Dr. Paul expressed concern over the potential impact of AMR on Viksit Bharat, including prosperity, GDP, and various health aspects. He applauded IMA’s initiative of NAMP-AMR, describing it as the right step in the right direction. Dr. Paul emphasized the necessity of uniting all organizations under one banner to turn this into a national movement.

Ms. Payden, Deputy Head of WHO India, emphasized the global urgency of addressing AMR and projected it as a potential leading cause of death by 2050. She stressed the importance of a collaborative approach to this global threat. Dr. Anuj Sharma, Team focal point for AMR & IPC, WHO, expressed gratitude to all the 52 medical organizations/associations that came together for the formation of NAMP-AMR.

Enhanced medical education and training are crucial in improving the quality of medical practice. Dr. Atul Goel, Director General of Health Services, highlighted the critical need to understand when and how to use antibiotics effectively. By starting from the basics and strengthening medical education, healthcare professionals can contribute to better healthcare practices and combat AMR.

The National Alliance of Medical Professionals on AMR represents a unified commitment to address one of the most pressing health emergencies of our time. Through collaborative efforts, strategic planning, and governmental support, IMA’s NAMP-AMR initiative aims to lead the way in global efforts to mitigate the impact of Antimicrobial Resistance.

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