MAHE to organize MAHE-Dedalus Mental Health Hackathon- 2022

MAHE to organize MAHE-Dedalus Mental Health Hackathon- 2022

Bengaluru,  August 2022: Manipal College of Health Professions, MAHE will be organizing MAHE-Dedalus Mental Health Hackathon- 2022 on August 26-27, 2022. The Mental Health Hackathon focuses on driving awareness about Mental health, including emotional, psychological, and social well-being. This event empowers everyone who is interested in health care innovation to develop ingenious solutions to ‘Mental Health Care’. In the MAHE- Dedalus Mental Health Hackathon we are seeking to develop innovative technology-based solutions for mental health concerns and provide better well-being as per the themes of the Hackathon. The theme for the event will be “Innovation within Mental health & wellbeing”.

Lt. Gen. (Dr.) M. D. Venkatesh, Vice Chancellor, MAHE said, “We are really excited about the upcoming mental health hackathon which is organized in collaboration with a global healthcare systems group, Dedalus. The field of mental health is overdue for new solutions. With the theme ‘Innovation within Mental Health and well-being’, I believe that technology could help us solve some of our biggest problems. Looking forward to the event.”

“Hackathons are rarely organized in the field of mental health, and we will be very happy to collaborate with Dedalus group. This mega event would provide a space for teams to collaborate and build tools that can help people with mental health issues or assist health care professionals. We expect this event to go in two stages as we expect lot of participation. We are anticipating about 10 teams participating in the final event scheduled on August 26th and 27th.” Dr G. Arun Maiya, Dean of MCHP, MAHE 

“One of MAHE’s focus area is to enhance academic and industrial engagement and we are happy about the multi-dimensional engagement with Dedalus Healthcare systems. Students from various background including medical, engineering, dentistry, allied health science are expected to participate in this event. It’s going to be a great moment to witness innovative solutions put forward by talented students of varying backgrounds and skill sets” said Dr Raviraja N. S, Director- Corporate Relations, MAHE 

Dr Michael Dahlweid, Chief Product and Clinical Officer, Dedalus Healthcare Systems says “Digital literacy in healthcare is the fundamental pillar for the future of healthcare. That’s why Dedalus is keen to work with students, researchers, and academia in the field to foster both education and innovation.”

Mr Steven Parrish, Chief Medical Information Officer, Dedalus APAC says “Even before Covid, Mental Health was an area that was taboo in many societies that required more focus than it had. Covid has placed a further spotlight on the challenges of individuals mental health. In partnership with MAHE, Dedalus is excited to support a hackathon that is an opportunity to birth innovative digital solutions that can address this unmet need globally.”

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