Man Matters launches DarkMax Hair Tonic, perfect solution for premature hair greying in men

Man Matters launches DarkMax Hair Tonic,   perfect solution for premature hair greying in men

Other than balding, the other most common problem that men face is premature greying of hair i.e. when the hair starts turning grey at an age when one wouldn’t expect it to. The most common causes of premature graying are stress, pollution, sun exposure, and unhealthy habits such as smoking. All these factors reduce melanin production, causing premature greying. Melanin is a natural pigment that determines the colour of your hair. When the production of this pigment slows down, hair turns grey or white. As a result, men tend to look older and this, in turn, affects their confidence levels. Premature greying is usually applicable to people under the age of 30.

But if you are someone who suffers from Premature Greying and is tired of constantly trying out different home remedies and hair dyes, fret not, as Man Matters part of Mosaic Wellness group has co-created with experts & dermatologists – Darkmax Hair Tonic that is India’s only clinically & scientifically proven hair treatment for Premature greying.

This product is not a temporary solution like a hair dye. Instead, it is a much more effective, long term solution for the issue of premature greying as it helps reduce the further occurrence of grey hair. It also boosts the melanin production in the hair i.e. adds colour and darkens the premature grey hair. Its main ingredient is “Darkenyl” – a patented breakthrough ingredient imported from Switzerland,that has proven to reverse premature greying by up to 50% on continuous usage for 9 months. With every use, Darkenyl penetrates into your scalp and promotes melanin production, resulting in the regimentation of grey hair thus helping new, thick, and dark hair grow. It is made of nature derived ingredients and can be used both on the scalp and beard. It has no side effects and does not harm the hair like hair dyes.

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