Prime IVF witnesses another round of success in fertility campaign’s

Prime IVF witnesses another round of success in fertility campaign’s

IVF or In-vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive technology which involves fertilization of eggs outside the human body. It is similar to the process of fertilization which takes place inside a female womb but in an IVF process, mature eggs are removed from the ovaries and fertilized with the sperms in the lab. The majority of people who use IVF report having no health or pregnancy issues, and the procedure is typically highly safe.

Keeping the success of Prime IVF, a leading fertility centre in Delhi-NCR, organized another round of check-up camps for couples who are persistently planning to have children. Prime IVF organized their first camp at Life Care Hospital in Rohtak on September 3rd, while a second camp was organized on 10th september in the Bhiwani Panwar Hospital.

The other camps were organized on 11th September at Dr Narayan Datt Hospital in Panipat. On 17th September at Golden Global Hospital in Badli, Dr Surekha Yadav Hospital in Rewari on 18th September, at Shakuntala Hospital in Sagarpur Delhi and Ram Rati Memorial Hospital Sohna on 24th September and at Gahtori Hospital in Kashipur Uttrakhand and at Dada Dev Mandir in Palam-Delhi on 25th September.

“In light of the prior Prime IVF camps’ overwhelming success, Dr. Nishi Singh, Head of Prime IVF, said, “We are regularly organizing the camp every month for a very long time. Prime IVF is targeting to reach a wide audience to help the couples out who are struggling with infertility issues for a very long time. We want to educate people on how IVF has made it possible for infertile couples to have healthy children and to end taboos related to IVF. In India, many couples struggle with infertility yet are reluctant to seek appropriate medical attention so with the aid of these regular camps we hope to communicate to the common people about how medical science is assisting people in achieving their desire of becoming parents.”

“In the past, we provided free fertility consultations to couples having trouble getting pregnant. In addition, we provided a 30% to 40% discount to couples who desired to undergo our IVF services,” she further added.

Prime IVF has witnessed great success in organizing these kinds of campaigns in the past. This time Prime IVF noticed a greater footfall than what they had experienced in their previous camps.

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