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Aalekh Foundation Unveils Year-Long Initiative for Environmental Unity

To create a positive impact on planet Earth, Aalekh Foundation, a distinguished non-profit organisation from the Capital, has devised a year-long drive to conserve the environment. The Foundation will flag off the ‘Plant Trees to Preserve Life’ campaign on the occasion of World Environment Day, and it will conclude on 5 June 2025. Each and every member of the world family is invited to join this action-oriented and result-driven campaign aimed at engaging all to ensure humankind’s harmonious relations with nature.

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The campaign invites every family to plant and nurture at least one sapling, either at home, in the neighbourhood or office, and offer it to Mother Earth. Each person will be tasked with watering their sapling daily (or as frequently as required) and ensuring its protection and growth. Those who wish can upload their new sapling pictures on the 5th of June and later on the 5th of each month on their social media handles till the next World Environment Day, capturing the growth and progress of the saplings with the passage of time. In response, people from different states and regions are participating in #aalekhgreenpledge to become environmental champions by being never negligent about the importance of caring for the planet.

“Together, we can make this World Environment Day a memorable and impactful experience for us all

Through a call complemented with gratitude and passion for service towards Mother Earth, Dr. Rennie Joyy, Founder of Aalekh Foundation, urges communities across the globe to join her in this indispensable mission, “Planting trees is more than a symbolic gesture; it’s a vital action that contributes directly to the health of our planet. Through this year-long campaign, we aim to instil a sense of responsibility and ownership in every individual, empowering them to actively combat climate change.

“At Aalekh Foundation, we are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability, climate change advocacy, and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across India. Our initiatives are designed to inspire communities to take meaningful steps towards preserving our environment for future generations. By participating in this campaign, each one of us becomes a steward of our planet, making a tangible difference in our collective fight for a sustainable future,” – Dr. Rennie added.

Beyond symbolizing society’s commitment to the environment, the ‘Plant Trees to Preserve Life’ campaign is conceptualized to invoke a sense of ownership and ongoing responsibility among the masses. It also encourages discussions and dialogues at all levels to realise the significance of this day and emphasise the importance of individual responsibility in combating climate change.

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