Def Jam India brings you Crew Love Party with Crep Dog Crew! Bringing together sneaker heads and hip-hop fans in India under one roof.

Def Jam India brings you Crew Love Party with Crep Dog Crew!  Bringing together sneaker heads and hip-hop fans in India under one roof.

April, 2022: Newly launched International label in India and one of the biggest names in hip-hop – Def Jam Recordings comes together with India’s premier sneaker and streetwear marketplace CrepDog Crew to present CREW LOVE PARTY, a unique coming together of the worlds of sneakers and hip-hop artists, on April 17, 2022.

CREW LOVE PARTY will bring together sneakerheads and hip-hop fans under one roof at CrepDog’s Crew’s newly opened experiential store in Saket, which is India’s largest sneaker store. From Run DMC to Def Jam artist like Kanye West, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, rappers have exuded epochal influence on sneaker culture, making both the shoes and the music cultural totems of our time. Def Jam’s CREW LOVE PARTY is an ode to the long standing relationship between the two.

Def Jam India is set to gives audiences in India a chance to explore and experience Indian hip-hop culture at its best, as well as present the region’s future generation of cutting-edge artists. It is also a house for well-known artists like Dino James and Fotty Seven.

This event brings old school and new school hip hop music together for the night to push the hip-hop culture in India and connect to the roots of hip-hop music. The exciting union of CrepDog’s Crew and Def Jam is a one of a kind union where Def Jam becomes the first ever hip-hop label to such an event in India.

On the account of this event Devraj Sanyal, MD and CEO, Universal Music Group, said, “At Def Jam India & Found Out Records, we’re going back to the roots by spreading the hip-hop love the way it’s been done for decades. Nothing is cooler than having your fav artists play directly for you in a space that screams counter culture. Come to “The CDC Experience” and watch Raga, Satyum, Rakht, Full Power, DRV, Darcy, Kru172, Rishi Roy, Yawar, Harjas, KSC and McSoopy come and set the scene on fire Sunday evening. This is the first of many and I couldn’t  be more excited. Big ups to all our partners for making this one epic”

“We couldn’t have asked for a better reason to party – if you’re a hip-hop fan, then the words Def Jam are self-explanatory!” says Anchit Kapil, co-founder of CrepDog Crew. “At the centre of everything we do is our community, and CREW LOVE PARTY, is showing our community, whether you love sneakers, streetwear, hip-hop, basketball, gratitude and love. This will be one for the books,” he adds.

The line-up for the April 17 event will feature self-professed sneakerheads and hip-hop fans, KSC and MC Soopy, alongside talent from the Def Jam India and Found Out records roster such as Raga, Harjas Haryaayi, FULL POWER, Satyum, Rakht, DRV, Darcy, Yawar and Rishi Roy + more surprise guests.

Entry to the event is by invite only. Head to the @DefJamIndia page for more information

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