From a Tattoo Girl to a Trendsetter

21 July 2022, Mumbai – Originally from Rajkot, Gujarat, Vishwa Rathod, aka Wish Rathod, is one of the idols of young people following her short format videos. Having struggled to change her destiny from a young age, Wish Rathod started working outside of Gujarat to support herself. While staying alone, she had a fine vision of transforming the negatives into positives by working hard.

She began making short videos on TikTok after some of her videos got scaled up after 2018. After TikTok, she started modeling and continued making lip-sync videos on Instagram. As of now, she has about 50 tattoos on her body, earning her the nickname ‘The Tattoo Girl’.

Vishwa Rathod

Wish Rathod is an exclusive creator of 6th Street Artist with an intense 4M followers on Instagram. Some fine personalities, including Manpreet Singh (Founder & Director – Third Eye Blind Productions & 6th Street Artist), have greatly contributed to her upbringing as an influencer. Various brands have tapped Wish Rathod for influencer marketing campaigns. ‘Ali Muzafar’, her first music video, has garnered 4,861,571 views so far. Additionally, she currently has Instagram reels that range in millions, demonstrating how widely she has been followed.

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