HeftyVerse and superstar Ajay Devgn come together to launch the Runway 34 game in metaverse

HeftyVerse and superstar Ajay Devgn come together to launch the Runway 34 game in metaverse
India, April 2022: HeftyVerse, a Web 3.0 initiative by Hungama, is all set to take the next big step in the metaverse. In a category-first move, the brand comes together with one of the biggest superstars in Bollywood, Ajay Devgn, to launch the Runway 34 game in the metaverse. Themed around the highly-anticipated film releasing on April 29, the game was launched at an event attended by the iconic actor and Neeraj Roy, Founder of Hungama and the HeftyVerse.
The announcement is the second between Ajay Devgn and the HeftyVerse that presents the actor in a never-before-seen metaverse avatar. Earlier this March, the superstar stepped into this universe as his character inspired by his OTT Series & ‘Rudra – The Edge of Darkness’ offering users an engaging entertaining experience.Available on HeftyVerse.xyz, the game will indulge users in an immersive and exciting experience right from start-to-finish. Bringing cinephiles and gamers together, users, asAjay’s co-pilot, will attempt to make a safe emergency landing. With time running out, AjayDevgn’s character of Captain Vikrant Khanna will give the player all the instructions. 
Filled With difficult challenges and levels that are far from easy, the Runway game will see users get that instant adrenaline rush that the film brings with it. Along with the game, a host of digital collectibles of the characters of Ajay Devgn, Amitabh Bachchan, , and Rakul PreetSingh in the film will be available as NFTs that will pave the way for many more such interesting associations in the times to come. HeftyVerse is happy to build a long term association with Ajay Devgn Ffilms agency partner, The Small Big Idea through this partnership.
Speaking about the association, Neeraj Roy – Founder of Hungama and the HeftyVerse, said,“Metaverse is the new frontier of the internet and an innovative medium to engage with audiences and fans. It is a big boon for the Indian film industry and is sure to change the way we have experienced cinema. Ajay Devgn is one of the most-bankable actors in the industry,whose movies are eagerly anticipated by his fans all around the world. We look forward to fans enjoying the NFT game, engaging, playing as well as purchasing the many digital collectibles available.”
Sharing his thoughts about the announcement, actor Ajay Devgn commented, “It’s great to be back on the metaverse, that too with Hungama. It’s important to adapt to the times and be present on the mediums whose popularity continues to soar with every passing day.With Runway 34 being so gripping and filled with non-stop suspense, I share the same excitement as each one of them to play the game. Having been part of an association that continues to create immersive and real-life experiences for viewers across the globe, I look forward to entertaining my fans in the metaverse.”
Taking your gaming experience sky-high as you play the exciting Come Runaway 34 on theHeftyVerse 

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