HISTORY TV18 Celebrates the Milestone 75th Anniversary of Independence, with a Stellar Lineup of India Focused Shows – India@75

HISTORY TV18 Celebrates the Milestone 75th Anniversary of Independence, with a Stellar Lineup of India Focused Shows – India@75

India has come a long way since the stroke of the midnight hour, in August 1947. As the nation commemorates 75 years of independence, HISTORY TV18 presents a curated lineup of programs in a special anthology, titled India@75, starting 1st August 2022, Every Night at 7:05 PM. The anthology offers a perfect blend of shows and stories from the Indian heartland as well as the country’s far flung corners, spotlighting – travel, culture, history, military prowess and never-before seen stories of inventiveness and possibility, woven into a vibrant patchwork. Catch a glimpse of the people, places and events that continue to shape our nation and steer it towards a bright future.

Begin the month-long experience with Journeys in India – a delightful travel series about uniquely Indian destinations and all they have to offer, popular and offbeat. Join Bill Ball – an Emmy winning writer, on this immersive adventure, as he explores the diverse customs, cuisines, crafts, as well as the natural wealth and wonderful people that make up India across her contours. Traverse the length and breadth of our country, from idyllic coastal cities and villages, forests and national parks that are home to India’s magnificent wildlife, to the concrete jungles of bustling, metropolitan India.

Explore a land seeped in ancient traditions, profound faith and the warm hospitality of people, with Flavours of Punjab, Rajasthan and Southern India – a lineup that transports you to some of India’s most popular states and offers a treat for all your senses.

As you settle into August, get ready to be served a variety of quirks and colors, with India 75 Wonders. This collection celebrates seventy-five brilliant, entertaining and unconventional stories, handpicked from all corners of the country, from bizarre innovations, to extraordinary talents and exceptional Indians, whose initiatives are truly one-in-a-billion!

Journey to India’s frontlines and beyond, which have borne witness to heroic military action, and get a ringside view of the Indian Army’s battle readiness, technological prowess, valour and victories. HISTORY TV18’s one-of-a-kind shows – Special Operations India: Surgical Strikes, Kargil, Firepower: Defending India and Indian Army: 24 Hours – present true accounts of Indian military action with cinematic flair and remarkable authenticity.

Travel back in time with India: Marvels & Mysteries, which reveals ancient Indian wisdom and secrets embedded in India’s rich heritage. Each episode in the series features historic sites and monuments from medieval to prehistoric India, many of which have been designated UNESCO world heritage sites.

Speaking about the special anthology, Avinash Kaul, Managing Director, A+E Networks | TV18 and CEO-Broadcast, Network18 said, “At HISTORY TV18, we are proud to commemorate this landmark anniversary of Indian Independence with India@75. India is a land of contrasts. A rich tapestry of incredible stories, of ancient heritage and modern marvels, natural wonders and inspirational individuals. We are excited to showcase the essence of India through our month-long programming, featuring some of the best local and India-focused content. India@75 is an ode to India and her story – one that is still being scripted every day and that continues to inspire and fill our viewers with a sense of pride.”

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