Jawa-Yezdi Fans Come Together to Celebrate the 20th International Jawa-Yezdi Day

Jawa-Yezdi Fans Come Together to Celebrate the 20th International Jawa-Yezdi Day

Pune, July 2022: The Jawa-Yezdi community across the country took to the streets on their Jawa & Yezdi motorcycles on Sunday, 10th July 2022 to celebrate the 20th International Jawa-Yezdi Day. One of the largest and most passionate motorcycle community rides in the country. The International Jawa-Yezdi Day ride saw record participation this year, where more than 5000 riders attended events and club/dealership-organized rides across India, making it the largest Jawa-Yezdi Day to date. The turnout included new Jawa & Yezdi riders along with classic Jawa & Yezdi owners.

The main event this year was hosted in the city of Bengaluru, which houses one of the biggest Jawa-Yezdi Kommunities in India, including a massive collection of classic models. This year saw 1000 motorcycles and 1200 people gather at the famed St. Joseph’s School Ground in the city. Apart from the gathering of likeminded brand loyalists, a host of engaging activities like an on-site ‘Adventure Trail’, display of iconic Jawa & Yezdi models and live music performances kept the participants entertained. There were also competitions like ‘Tug of War’, best restored motorcycle, best maintained motorcycle and highest distance travelled on a Jawa and Yezdi models for the participants.

Thanking the Kommuniti, Ashish Singh Joshi, CEO of Classic Legends, said, “The International Jawa-Yezdi Day is the most momentous date in the calendar for our Kommuniti and bringing them together at such scale this year has been a delightful experience for us. Their love and passion for the brands and the motorcycles is overwhelming and equally encouraging for us to contribute more towards making this bond stronger, and the Kommuniti larger.”

Every year, Jawa-Yezdi day has been stimulating the concept of community riding with newer riders joining in every year. Exhilarated with the zeal and energy, classic & vintage owners and new motorcyclists gathered for celebratory rides at Jawa-Yezdi stores across the country. The common tread binding the events across was Jawa-Yezdi Motorcycles’ philosophy of promoting the spirit of exploration, brotherhood and camaraderie among the leisure motorcycling community across the country.

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