KIIT Celebrated Van Mahotsav by Sowing the Seeds of a Greener Tomorrow

GurugramKIIT World School celebrated Van Mahotsav, The main objective of celebrating Van Mahotsav was to encourage students to plant trees and increase the green cover on our earth. During the event, there were several activities to encourage environmental action and awareness. Teachers, staff, and students planted seeds, raised baby trees, and participated in helpful activities that highlighted the value of trees and environmental preservation.

Van Mahotasav 1

An annual tree-planting event initiated in 1950 by Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, the then-Union Minister for Food and Agriculture, devoted to promoting a greener future, as part of their commitment to sustainability.

The event included interactive discussions on the advantages of trees, training on environmentally beneficial methods, and practical tree-planting exercises. The students took oaths to plant more and more trees. KIIT maintained a constant dedication to environmental sustainability. By involving students in sustainable activities, they planted the seeds of a greener tomorrow. The collective commitment to creating a healthier and more sustainable world was highlighted during Van Mahotsav.

KIIT World School Principal Dr. Neelima Kamrah said, “KIIT is always committed to protecting our environment and creating a love of nature in our students. Today, in honor of Van Mahotsav, we planted seeds for a sustainable future. We can have a significant influence on future generations if we work together.”

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