Mobavenue powering OTT subscriptions

Mobavenue powering OTT subscriptions

Mumbai, August 2022: Mobavenue, a high-performance user acquisition platform using its dynamic creative, programmatic advertising and proprietary in-house AI-based media buying platform, has helped some of the leading OTT platforms boost their subscription levels.

Digitalization has seen a rapid rise in the last few years. OTT viewership has been growing exponentially, thanks to the availability of cheaper internet and omnipresent mobile devices. There has been a seismic shift in the number of available options to audiences, be it in terms of quality or quantity of content. OTT space in itself has been flooded with platforms offering a plethora of exciting content from the varied genre. There has been a constant tug of war for winning the subscription game amongst the OTT players. The entire process of converting a potential customer to a subscriber is highly competitive, complex, and cost-sensitive.

As OTT platforms continue to evolve, we see the future of media shifting more towards it. With competitive OTT pricing and the availability of budget-friendly internet and mobile data plans, OTT-based media is on the rise. As per a recent report by Statista, the number of users is expected to grow to 3,508.0m by 2027.

One of the major OTT platforms in India partnered with Mobavenue to deepen its penetration in tier 2 and 3 cities. Mobavenue initiated the process by spreading awareness in targeted cities and postal codes.

Internal and 3rd party DMP were used to create user buckets in smaller cities with high intent toward OTT platforms. Data management platforms are unifying platforms that collect, organize and activate first, second, and third-party audience data from multiple sources, which allows them to gain unique insights into their customers. Further, private marketplaces were created with selected pubs and were additionally used to improve the subscription rate in the campaign. Mobavenue targeted the user pools through its in-house demand-side platform (DSP), a type of software that allows an advertiser to buy advertising with the help of automation.

“Using programmatic UA, we have increased the views of a leading OTT platform by three times. For another OTT platform to retarget an audience to drive paid subscription and retention, we used the audience Affinity targeting model to drive the purchases, overall improving the Audience LTV. OTT marketing has unique challenges requiring bespoke solutions. Our team of specialists, along with our in-house expertise and partnered technologies, can provide customised solutions working with the clients that cater to a full-funnel approach to the OTT market, such as Acquisition, Retargeting, Monetization, and Promotion of newer content to the audiences,” said Mr. Ishank Joshi, CEO, Mobavenue Media Private Limited.

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