News18 Lokmat honours cultural richness on Mangala Gauri Festival with Folk Dance Contest

News18 Lokmat honours cultural richness on Mangala Gauri Festival with Folk Dance Contest

News18 Lokmat21st August 2023: In a vibrant celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra, News18 Lokmat organised a one-of-a-kind event to mark the auspicious Mangalagaur festival. This festival, rooted in tradition and spirituality, is renowned for its significance among newly married women, and News18 Lokmat is elevating it with a spirited folk dance competition.

The Mangala Gauri vrat is observed with great devotion by married women across Maharashtra. It is a sacred fast, often practiced by newlyweds, during the auspicious month of Shravan. The Mangalagaur pooja, done by married ladies, is an important feature of this festival, followed by joyous gatherings where they engage in various games and activities.

News18 Lokmat has taken this tradition a step further by organizing a grand folk dance competition for women. A total of nine dynamic dance groups hailing from different corners of Maharashtra participated in this exuberant contest. The competition, held to honor the essence of Mangala Gauri, received enthusiastic participation and appreciation. The panel of esteemed judges for this exceptional competition included Actress Mrs. Mrinal Kulkarni; Renowned Lavani exponent and Choreographer Mr. Ashish Patil; Actress Shivani Rangole; Marathi Actor Sanket Pathak and Actress Suparna Shyam; Marathi Actress Mrs. Sanchita Kulkarni and Marathi Actor Mr. Siddharth Khirid.

The judges, all luminaries in their fields, brought their expertise and discerning eyes to evaluate the performances. Their unanimous satisfaction with the exceptional dance presentations further highlighted the success of this grand event. The Mangala Gauri folk dance competition will be broadcasted in four captivating episodes on News18 Lokmat. This engaging celebration of culture and tradition promises to captivate audiences, showcasing Maharashtra’s vibrancy and talent.

The event was co-presented by Metrocity Properties and powered by Reliance Industries Ltd, with Sony Marathi as the entertainment partner and Jaipan Appliances as the associate sponsor.

On News18 Lokmat, witness the Mangala Gauri folk dance competition, a cultural tribute. The first episode is set to broadcast at 15:24 pm on August 22, only on News18 Lokmat, followed by the subsequent three episodes on consecutive Tuesdays, all at the same time.

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