Oasis Fertility Launches its 6th Centre in Andhra Pradesh at Tirupati!

Oasis Fertility Launches its 6th Centre in Andhra Pradesh at Tirupati!

Tirupati, 10th October 2022: Oasis Fertility as part of its expansion plans launches its 6thcentre in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

· Oasis Fertility is co-founded by Dr Durga G Rao and Mr Kiran Gadela

· Oasis Fertility is ranked as the No. 1 Fertility Chain in South India & No. 3 in the country

· The fertility centre is 6th in Andhra Pradesh

· Plans to reach 50 centres across India in the next 3 years

· Offers tailor-made fertility treatments enabling couples to achieve their parenthood dreams

Oasis Fertility launched a full-fledged IVF center in Tirupati. This is 6th in the state following Vijayawada, Vizag, Guntur, Ongole, and Kurnool. The center is geared up to offer one-stop solutions to both male and female infertility issues and it was inaugurated by Dr Sirisha Yadav, Honourable Mayor Tirupati Municipal Corporation; Dr Asha Latha, Senior Gynecologist & Fertility specialist, Tirupati; Dr T Bharathi, President APOGS; Dr Parthasarthy Reddy, President TOGS.

Dr Durga G Rao, Co-founder & Medical Director, Oasis Fertility; Dr Krishna Chaitanya, Scientific Head & Clinical Embryologist, Oasis Fertility; Dr Deepthi Damodara, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Tirupati and Mr. Sudhaker Jadhav, Chief Operating Officer, Oasis Fertility graced the occasion.

Dr Sirisha Yadav, Honourable Mayor of Tirupati Municipal Corporation; said, as I am an obstetrician, my observation is also that infertility is a rising problem. The reasons for infertility are changes in lifestyle, leading a stressful life and other factors. Both male, and female and unexplained factors of infertility are on the rise. My advice to parents who couldn’t bear children is to consult a doctor at the earliest to get better success rate, any delay only leads to complications and reduces chances of success. Earlier infertility treatment was considered to be expensive and was available in metro cities alone, but now even Tirupati city has infertility centers with advanced technology, supported by excellent doctors’ and among them Oasis has come with further advanced and latest technologies. Tirupati is a medical hub for the entire Rayalaseema, with Oasis Fertility coming here is a boon and parents without children should avail it.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Dr Durga G Rao, Co-founder & Medical Director, Oasis Fertility stated, “Extremely happy to set foot in Tirupati. With advanced and personalized fertility treatments, we earnestly desire to gift the joy of parenthood to many couples in Tirupati. Lifestyle factors, PCOS, endometriosis, environmental pollution and delayed parenthood have led to a steep rise in infertility. Women’s biological clock cannot be rewound and men too contribute to infertility. Hence if a couple is unable to conceive even after a year, it is vital to meet a fertility specialist”.

Dr Krishna Chaitanya, Scientific Head and Clinical Embryologist, at Oasis Fertility stated, “Very glad to launch our centre here. As infertility is still considered a hush-hush topic, men don’t visit a fertility specialist/Andrologist. It’s high time we break the stigma and create awareness about the tremendous possibilities of having a biological child. Sperm retrieval processes like Micro-TESE and TESA help men even with low sperm count attain the joy of fatherhood. Also, highly advanced techniques like Fertility Preservation can help even cancer patients to preserve their fertility and conceive later at their convenience”.

Mr. Sudhaker Jadhav, Chief Operating Officer, Oasis Fertility, stated, “We are a tech-powered organization and we have the best of equipment and technology that enables us to give a high success rate on a constant basis. EWS is one such advanced technology that we employ to avoid IVF sample mismatch. Delighted to set our foot here and we surely hope to bring smiles to many families through our compassionate and competent fertility treatments.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Deepthi Damodara, Clinical Head & Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Tirupati stated, “Total Fertility Rate is very low in Andhra Pradesh. We offer a wide range of basic to advanced fertility treatments that are highly personalized based on the couple’s age, medical history, lifestyle, etc. With our holistic approach, compassion and expertise, we help couples to overcome infertility and have their own biological child. I urge the couples to get the right fertility consultation at the right time”.

Dr Asha Latha said, Tirupati is a small place but still has ten infertility centers, it is convenient for the patients, they can visit the closest IVF center to seek treatment. All the advanced facilities for infertility care are available here in Tirupati on par with the metro cities. Nowadays we have advanced facilities to preserve eggs for the couples busy with their careers, this way they can conceive at their convenience using the preserved eggs, even in cases of cancer before undergoing chemo or radiation, one can preserve the eggs.

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