PrabhuBhakti Launches Its First Physical Store in Ayodhya

Prabhubhakti's store Picture

New Delhi, 22 March ‘24 – In a significant stride towards blending spirituality with contemporary fashion, PrabhuBhakti, a pioneering D2C startup specializing in Devotion and Style, has proudly announced the opening of its first physical store. Located in the heart of Ayodhya, directly in front of the revered Ram Mandir, this strategic initiative marks a milestone for the brand in connecting with its audience through a tangible retail presence.

Since its establishment in 2021 by founders Samast Ahlawat and Raju Kumar, PrabhuBhakti has focused on catering to the modern devotee with its range of spirituals like t-shirts & caps and Silver Jewelry. This launch is not just a testament to the brand’s innovative approach but also reflects its commitment to making spiritual and fashion-forward products accessible to a wider audience.

The store’s launch has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm from customers, leading to a sell-out of the initial stock within just 24 hours. This response underscores the brand’s resonance with its target demographic and highlights the strategic advantage of its location. While renowned brands compete for space in Rampath, PrabhuBhakti has secured an enviable position in front of Ram Mandir, further establishing its foothold in the market and has visibility of 2.5 lakhs visitors every day.

“Opening our first store in such a premium location is a dream come true for us at PrabhuBhakti,” said Samast Ahlawat and Raju Kumar, co-founder. “The phenomenal response from our customers reinforces our belief in the unique value proposition we offer. This is just the beginning, and we are excited to continue this journey, further bridging the gap between spirituality and modern lifestyle.”

PrabhuBhakti’s foray into offline retail exemplifies its mission to connect with customers on a deeper level, providing them with a space where devotion meets style. The brand invites everyone to visit the store in Ayodhya and experience firsthand the unique products that celebrate spiritualism in the modern world.

PrabhuBhakti had received an undisclosed amount of seed funding in the past from Prajay Advisors, a move that underscores the confidence investors have in the brand’s growth trajectory and its innovative business model. This funding was poised to support the brand’s expansion plans and product diversification, ensuring PrabhuBhakti remains at the forefront of the Devotion and Style segment.

Founded in 2021 by Samast Ahlawat and Raju Kumar, PrabhuBhakti stands at the intersection of devotion and contemporary style. Offering a curated selection of Apparel, Silver Jewelry, and Puja Items, the brand caters to the evolving needs of young devotees who seek to integrate spirituality into their everyday lives. With its commitment to innovation and quality, PrabhuBhakti is redefining what it means to be a modern spiritual brand in India.

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