Telangana to have the first of its kind Muslim community maintained Gau shala!

Telangana to have the first of its kind Muslim community maintained Gau shala!

Hyderabad, June 2022: Mr. Shiraj Qureshi, Supreme Court Advocate, a Group A Council of Supreme Court of India and former Member of Madhya Pradesh Haj Samiti; who are in city of Telangana on invitation of Dhyan Foundation, which is a spiritual and charitable Foundation working pan India to save animals from pain and cruelty by way of 45 plus shelters said, we are working for protection of cows and its progeny from illegal slaughtering since 2008, all over the country. Our moto is not to slaughter cows and progeny, we file petitions and request Governments to prevent illegal slaughter of cows. The things are so bad in the country, that illegal slaughtering of cow and their progeny, illegal transportation and illegal storage of beef is happening rampantly and are sad about it. We consider cow is Allah’s creation and is beneficial for all of us humans. Cow’s milk is healthy for all and we don’t discriminate it as something belonging to one religion, because we respect all the religions and we are all Allah’s creation. We went across the country and studied for two years, we realised that illegal trafficking and slaughtering of cows is taking place, especially in Assam from where they are trafficked to Bangladesh. We filed a petition in the Hon’ble High Court of Kolkata. Our mission was to prevent cow slaughter on Bakrid. Because as per Indian constitution it’s illegal to slaughter cow and when something is illegal, it is not acceptable to be done from religious point too, a stolen cow being slaughtered is not good. Even the high court judgement was that its not mandatory to slaughter cow during Bakrid, as there are several other animals which you can eat and leave cow considered as mother by Hindu, as not slaughtering cow is not irreligious. This way we can develop love and harmony and give stability to our country. Another aspect is, an illegally brought animal is not medically tested and certified, so its meat could be diseased and can harm those who eat it be it kids, elders, youth and also harm our environment and society. We have also initiated cow donation on Bakrid instead of slaughtering them, done this in Delhi and Muradabad. We are here in Hyderabad to sensitise Government and public against illegal cow slaughter. We will motivate Muslim community from illegal slaughter of cow, though it’s tough, but somewhere a beginning has to be made. Illegal slaughter is the cause for disease in the community. Also there will be shortage of milk due to slaughter of milking cows.

Telangana State Prohibition of Cow Slaughter and Animal Preservation Act 1977 (Sections 3, 5, 6, 10, 11), PCA act 1960 (Sections 11, 38), Transport of Animals Rules 1978 (Section 56 A,B,C) and IPC 428 and 429 – all point that the activities of the mafia are illegal and punishable under Indian Law.

Mr Khaiser Ansari, Social worker & Bharath First Organization, TS in charge; said, We are constructing a Gau Shala, Qidmate Bakar Anjuman, at Toopran, the first of its kind gau shala in Telangana maintained by Muslim Community. We will rear cows and take care of them well in this Gau shala. It is registered as a society and will have 400 to 500 cows.

Dr. Imran Choudhary, Persian Scholar, Jamia Milia Islamia; was present on the occasion.

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