They serve, they protect and they never break a sweat: urban platter thanks the mighty heroes of the Mumbai Police Force!

They serve, they protect and they never break a sweat: urban platter thanks the mighty heroes of the Mumbai Police Force!

June Mumbai – On the occasion of United Nations Public Service Day, Urban Platter expresses their gratitude to all the frontline workers for their selfless endeavours and for serving the citizens. Celebrated on June 23, the day is observed for the “value and virtue of public service to the community” and for recognizing that democracy and successful governance are built on the foundation of a competent civil service. The day aims to celebrate the value and virtue of service to the community.

Thanking our mighty heroes in Khakee for protecting us day and night without complaints or without even breaking a sweat even in the scorching heat of summers, the pouring monsoon and cold greys of winter. To keep them unfazed and help them in whatever challenges they might face, Urban Platter wishes them luck and good health in the form of their newly launched coconut water made using fresh coconuts from Tamil Nadu in sustainable packaging! A delicious, refreshing, and nourishing coconut water that is consistent in taste throughout the year, Urban Platter’s coconut water is vegan, gluten-free, and completely non-GMO. Fortified with Vitamin C, made at a 100% solar-powered facility, with a zero-waste policy i.e. Using every single part of the coconut to make food products such as desiccated coconut and coconut oil, and non-food products such as coconut charcoal and wood.

“As a token of our appreciation to the amazing traffic police force of Mumbai, that has toiled and suffered throughout the blistering summer, we want to offer Urban Platter’s newly launched Coconut Water. In the spirit of Public Service Day celebrated by the United Nations, we would like to share Urban Platter Coconut Water with our frontline heroes.” says Chirag Kenia, Founder Urban Platter.

“We are happy to partner with Urban Platter on this noble endeavour thanking Mumbai Traffic Police for their indomitable spirit of serving the nation. It is truly our honour that our packaging technology and recyclable packages will play a humble role in nourishing our everyday heroes,” adds Praneeth Tripurari, Marketing Director – Tetra Pak South Asia.

Urban Platter is India’s largest epic vegan superstore for all your gourmet and culinary needs with a wide range of sustainable and healthier options to choose from. Constantly evolving through understanding consumer choices, Urban Platter thrives on reinventing its products tailored to fit your lifestyle and dietary choices. Working with such partners and ensuring a sustainable supply chain from distribution of our product in recyclable Tetra Pak cartons to the growing and sourcing of the coconuts itself, the product truly marks the extent to which a circular economy is achievable, and they are proud to finally have this product available in the Indian Market!

So, it’s time to take a step and honour our real-life superheroes for their selfless services and constant endeavours that let us sleep safe in the comfort of our homes…

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