Vinod Intelligent Cookware Participated In HGH India 2022

Vinod Intelligent Cookware Participated In HGH India 2022

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July 2022, Mumbai: Vinod Cookware, one of India’s best-selling cookware brands participated in the most looked-after exhibition of HGH India 2022, from 12-15th July 2022. To improve branding in the B2B sector, the cookware brand showcased its new and innovative product ranges including HANOS and Non-Stick Ranges (Lilac & Supreme Plus), New Platinum (triply) Medium Belly Saucepot, Cast Iron Range, AISI 304 Grade Bullet Bottles, Horeca range (hotel series cookware), and much more.

Given the fact that HGH India is the country’s most popular trade show for home textiles, home décor, houseware, and gifts, it was a great opportunity for Vinod Cookware to attract new distributors and dealers in and across national borders. Among the wide range of products displayed in the exhibition, Hanos, Cast Iron, Lilac, Supreme plus, Platinum saucepot, and Horeca garnered maximum attention from the dealers and customers. The aim of participating in such a well-known trade show was to establish the brand’s market relevance and at the same time, educate prospective partners about the product offerings.

Commenting on the successful participation in the trade show, Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Director, Vinod Cookware said, “It is good to be present where your customers are. Face-to-face connection with partners/customers always provide the best informal platform to gauge market trends and requirements that help us continue to innovate and provide the best quality products at the best prices to our customers.”

HGH India 2022 being the first trade show participation of Vinod Cookware post-COVID, both the brand and prospective partners/customers were happy to connect in person offline and get a physical demonstration of the new product range.

About Vinod Cookware: Vinod Intelligent Cookware has been a leading producer of premium quality stainless steel cookware, co-founded by Rajeram Agarwal in 1962. It has an extensive range of 400+ products. From a local manufacturer of stainless-steel bowls and dishes, the brand went global in 1990 when it began exporting to the U.K, the U.S.A, Germany, and France among other countries. The brand has recently bagged The Best of Bharat’ Award 2022 by e4m Pride of India. It has also been recognized to be the best Non-Stick Dosa Tawa brand by Mishry Reviews, a company that has reviewed over 2000+ products in the Cooking and Dining space. Vinod Cookware has been committed to upgrading to the latest technology and new-age materials that suit the Indian Kitchen.

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