3 Techies Banter Podcast is a FunTech Podcast that Simplifies All Things Tech

3 Techies Banter Podcast is a FunTech Podcast that Simplifies All Things Tech

Mumbai, India

Tech is tough. Techies bring it on themselves with jargon and complexity, but does a user have to be a techie to use their product? The 3 Techies Banter podcast ensures Tech is not Tough. You can even laugh about it!

3 Techies Banter is a technology podcast for non-techies (and techies) – anyone with a sense of humour. The three “techies” come from diverse backgrounds, having worked across multiple industries from technology to research to content and education-yet they are united in their desire to take technology and make it a topic of drawing-room conversation where everyone can have a viewpoint-diverse yet founded in facts.

Coming from the world of technology and research, they realised technology is an odd discipline in that sense-it has the potential to impact the lives of people as individuals and as a society significantly, and yet so many people know so little about it or expect so much from it-both equally dangerous.

Perhaps the central challenge associated with tech-related conversations, they decided, was that many people found technology challenging to understand and decode. It was almost always of tech, for tech, by tech. As a result, most people had little interest in technology unless it directly impacted their daily lives.

Think of the podcast as Neo choosing between taking a blue pill or a red pill. The blue pill represents continuing to believe that technology is complicated and meant for geeky-looking people hunched over multiple monitors. And the red pill, as in “The Matrix”, represents the liberating feeling that it’s not a big deal; the red pill is 3TB.

“If the tech is boring, make it fun” became the mantra for this team, and they created a format that is light-hearted and yet enlightening. The podcast is not just about technology, it also covers the finance and economics behind technology, which appeals to listeners across the spectrum.

Every Friday, through their podcast, they talk about Economics, Finance, History, Culture, Trivia, and related anecdotes around Technology. Five simple objectives

Become the ‘FunTech’ podcast of choice for all

Encourage healthy debate and voice opinions on the future of tech

Marry tech, with the economics and finance of tech

Have lots of fun and laughs

A couple of months and podcasts later, they have been on India’s top trending podcasts list and have featured on Wynk, Hungama and Jio Saavn. Their Trends 2022 episode even made it to one of the best episodes of the week list on Spotify. The new kid on the block had made its mark.

The podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics from explaining the metaverse, demystifying blockchain, crypto and fintech, Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, and more. It weaves paradoxes, economic theory, and customer insights (let us not forget jokes) to explain concepts in a light-hearted conversational format. You go away believing that you could easily have this chat with your friends. Or you could just have been part of the 3TB banter.

The episodes they have aired so far are listed below. They are available on all major platforms.


Ep 1 – Data Privacy & Surveillance Capitalism

Ep 2 – Jai Meta Di

Ep 3 – Unbloxing the Blockchain

Ep 4 – Cryptocurrency – Is Nirmala Watching?

Ep 5 – Cryptos – can we trust ourselves to self-regulate?

Ep 6 – Fin vs Tech – who will win the Fintech war?

Ep 7 – Unbloxing Trends 2022

Ep 8 – Can Intelligence be Artificial?

Ep 9 – Who Let the AI Out?

Ep 10 – ESG – Every Small Gesture – Counts

Ep 11 – How Young is Old in Tech – Part 1

Ep 12 – How Young is Old in Tech – Part 2

Ep 13 – Man Smart (Woman Smarter)

Ep 14 -Tech that makes Elections Tick

Ep 15 – Cats, Toast, Lifebuoy and Tech

To paraphrase the great Yoda – “Fear of tech is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” So, listen to the podcast. May the Force be with You.

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