Bites Launches Unique AI Integration in its Professional Training Tools Enabling Employers to Reach and Train Gen Z

Bites Launches Unique AI Integration in its Professional Training Tools Enabling Employers to Reach and Train Gen Z

Bites platform is already deployed by leading QSRs and retailers including HP, H&M, Unilever, and Planet Smoothie. With over 1M views, Bites is a gamechanger for brands with frontline employees during Great Resignation.

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL – Bites, an innovative player in learning management and employee communications, followed up on its successful seed fundraising round by introducing AI tools into its innovative, social-media-styled employee training platform.


The AI upgrade makes Bites the first and only tool with the capability to create instant content. Speech enhancement tools eliminate background noises from the file, making it easier to develop training videos in high-traffic, loud locations. Auto-subtitling tools make the content more accessible, while automated translation tools enable brands to train employees in multiple languages with a single Bite. Natural language processing tools, meanwhile, offer advice on improving content.

Bites comes at an important time for businesses, many of whom are reeling from the Great Resignation. “Reusable, trackable training videos with engagement tools that reinforce internal messaging are critically important to companies dealing with high turnover rates and struggling to train new front-line employees,” said Eran Heffetz, CEO at Bites.

Corporate content creators use social-media-styled video tools to create authentic, professional-grade training content catered to today’s employees. Videos can be enhanced with the same type of elements that are found on leading social channels, including visual effects, music, and gifs.

With Bites, managers are able to cut down on training time. A recent case study with a US-based restaurant chain found Bites reduced onboarding time by 67%. New employees received consistent training from across the chain.

The chain saw a measurable increase in revenue. Employees were far more compliant with corporate directives, from upselling to customer engagement, which led to higher customer satisfaction.

Since launching, Bites has blazed a trail of success. The company increased its customer base by 8 times in 2021, and currently has over 200 customers. It recently crossed the 1 million views milestone. Bites’ active users create an average of 10-30 new bites per month for their frontline employees and enjoy a 90% engagement rate.

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