bitsCrunch partners with Pawnfi to support Non Standard Assets

bitsCrunch partners with Pawnfi to support Non Standard Assets

India, April 2022:  bitsCrunch promulgates its partnership with Pawnfi, a new lending and leasing marketplace enabling non-standard assets to be appraised and leased fairly. Pawnfi aims to support ETH, Polygon, BSC, Moonbeam, and Arbitrum in the Pawnfi EVM version, integrating all of them into the same interface, reducing asset fragmentation and enhancing user experience on Pawnfi’s multi-chain versions. bitsCrunch and Pawnfi will provide customers with cutting-edge collaboration solutions through this partnership.

In addition to providing a broader range of asset support, Pawnfi’s loan portfolio is more flexible, and holds diversified asset realisation solutions. By partnering with bitsCrunch, NSA collectors can use Liquify to determine the value of their NSA holdings on Pawnfi. Thus, use them as collateral, and obtain loans. Pawnfi customers can take advantage of this highly reliable solution to make informed decisions on the Non Standard Assets and their true values.

Vijay Pravin Maharajan, bitsCrunch CEO said – With robust tools, a highly-skilled team, and industry expertise, bitsCrunch offers an integrated solution to ensure consistency in quality and safety across the range of digital assets startups. Collaborating with Pawnfi helps us deliver the best-in-class solutions that address the needs of emerging NSA industry customers while transforming business landscapes.

Speaking about the partnership, Wesley Kayne, Pawnfi Co-Founder and CEO stated, “A significant portion of Pawnfi’s business is in the NSA market. Since the metaverse is gaining momentum, liquidity and user base will be much higher than those associated with standard assets. We will continue to put forward innovative functions to ensure Pawnfi’s advantage in the scale of assets it covers. Partnering with bitsCrunch helps us do it in a more comprehensive and secure way.”

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