Here’s a game-changer for QSRs that automates quality control.

Here’s a game-changer for QSRs that automates quality control.

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Computer vision is behind many of the biggest technological leaps in recent memory, from pedestrian-detecting cars to cancer-spotting MRI scans, and its next feat is improving the quality of your pizza. With a simple camera backed by wildly complex software, Kwali has created an omniscient eye that assesses the finer points of pizza production including the shape and quantity of ingredients, while simultaneously rating the kitchen staff who are assembling them.

Kwali offers a Food Production Platform, currently available for pizza chains, that automates the quality control process and provides an easy-to-use platform with all the information restaurant owners need to improve their operations. Kwali enables restaurants to get a performance-based Leaderboard for each shift, resulting in increased employee retention by 200%. The tool helps restaurants to save up to 15% with an actionable food cost reduction process, and restaurants can measure production time and boost production by 10%.

Kwali is the leading provider of computer vision for Food. At Kwali, we understand that operating chain restaurants can be demanding, and that is why we offer a range of services to help them improve their Operations.

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