PractiTest’s Tenth Annual State of Testing Report Showcases Changes in Software Development Over Last Decade

PractiTest testing report

Rehovot, Israel – April 25, 2023 – PractiTest, the leader in testing management solutions, is releasing its tenth annual State of Testing® report. The report centers on DevOps and Automation, and looks at quality assurance within software development.

“This year’s report shows how quality assurance has moved from being a task conducted by the testing team to an integral piece of the development process, that is done by everyone within the development process,” said Yaniv Iny, CEO at PractiTest. “When viewed over the last ten years, you can see how the change organizations have implemented in testing is reflective of a massive transformation that has gripped the software development industry.”

DevOps, which wasn’t widespread enough to be mentioned in the 2013 report, is used by 84% of organizations. Testers’ role in these organizations is continuing to rise, as 70% played a role in the CI/CD process. However, non-dedicated testers are handling a lot of the testing activities. Only 1 in 5 organizations (19%) have dedicated testers handling all their testing activities.

Ten years ago, 81% of testers were using some type of testing automation. However, the overwhelming majority of them were using automation for less than half of their functional tests. Today, automation plays a key role in all types of testing, including functional testing (77%), unit testing (57%), and CI/CD testing (54%). Only 7% of respondents are not using any automation.

The changes have not had an impact on quality assurance. 62% of respondents felt the work of their team was more organized and stable, 57% felt the overall level of testing had improved, and 54% felt there were fewer serious bugs escaping into production. 70% noted that collaboration with developers has improved.

“Ten years ago, the vast majority of testing was done by dedicated software testers, many of whom were on large software testing teams. They worked in agile and waterfall development models, supporting their developers by conducting session-based testing. The move to DevOps has imposed structural changes in the organization – and particularly among testers – that were probably unforeseen at the time,” added Iny.

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