TradeBridge Launches TB’s AgroMobile: Revolutionizing Retail with Mobile Dark Store Innovation

3rd July 2024, Mumbai, India: TradeBridge, India’s leading B2B agri-tech marketplace, was launched in 2020 to improve and digitise trade. They gradually became a one-stop solution for seamless B2B trade for non-perishable agri-commodities. This platform ensures both buyers and sellers only worry about the price, as everything else, including logistics, warehousing credit, quality inspection and insurance, is taken care of by TradeBridge.

TradeBridge – B2B Agri-Tech Marketplace

After making revolutions with agri-tech, TradeBridge understands the importance of on-ground presence and the need to improve the industry’s existing delivery experience. Making it a habit to disrupt and innovate, TradeBridge has chosen to merge its existing technology expertise with increasing accessibility to upgrade the agro-commodity market by announcing its latest innovation, “TB’s AgroMobile: Dark Store on Wheels” India’s first movable dark store. This new feature will allow buyers to inspect and purchase essential agro-commodities instantly, thus reducing the delivery time from days to minutes.

Sameer Bhanushali, Co-founder of TradeBridge, says, “Since our inception in 2020, TradeBridge has been dedicated to revolutionising the agri-commodity trade landscape in India. We recognise the need for a seamless, transparent, and equitable system. This new feature reflects our commitment to the growth of the ecosystem through businesses and farmers. It is also a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire TradeBridge team, and I am proud of the success our team has achieved so far. Our ambition is to become an agri-unicorn, and we believe this innovative platform is a major step towards achieving that goal.”

TradeBridge is prioritising innovation, as they are increasing opportunities for farmers to sell their product from across India with complete price autonomy. TB’s AgroMobile feature provides farmers with another opportunity to bypass traditional market limitations. The model will decrease 4–5 layers of middlemen, allowing products to be more affordable for buyers while offering farmers a better selling price.

Bilal Khimji, Co-founder of TradeBridge, expresses his enthusiasm for the new launch, “TB’s AgroMobile: Dark Store on Wheels is a feature that simplifies the purchasing process and accelerates turnaround time while ensuring quality isn’t compromised. It also ensures that small and medium-sized business owners manage their working capital more efficiently. We are attempting to enter micromarkets in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities with this model. When combined, these micromarkets have a sizable purchase gap that needs to be filled. Based on customer preferences, we intend to extend our reach to multiple densely populated pockets across the country, starting with Mumbai. We want to create increasing opportunities for the entire agro-ecosystem in the coming years.”

The concept of TB’s AgroMobile will not only decrease turn-around time but will also allow buyers to shorten their inventory cycles. This, in turn, has a bundle of opportunities and benefits for purchasers to explore.

“Reviewing products and having them delivered within minutes sounds like a dream come true. This will allow me to make purchases regularly and decrease the quantity of purchases, thus reducing my pressure for product storage. If I have a smaller quantity of products, my cost of stocking up and working capital will decrease. This eases my logistics and helps me focus more on my business growth,” mentioned Tarun Tulabandu, Owner of Vasavi Pista House and customer at TradeBridge.

In phase 1, TB’s AgroMobile will be available in Mumbai. They will gradually increase their presence to five more cities across Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities by the end of 2024. This movable dark store will also allow purchasers to place orders online at any given time to align their delivery as per their convenience. Through this, TradeBridge intends to targer and uplift the 1.3 crore kirana stores all over India.

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