Zluri: The missing piece that every IT team needs to work in sync with the other departments

Zluri: The missing piece that every IT team needs to work in sync with the other departments

Zluri: The missing piece that every IT team needs to work in sync with the other departments

Running a successful company requires a great degree of collaboration amongst every single department, and that is why business leaders are always exploring the latest tools and technology that enable seamless human collaboration between multiple departments. And rightfully so, because how often have we seen basic software approvals and app permissions being kept in the pipeline for weeks together, ultimately reaching a point where all the blame is directed to the IT team for being laid back and reactive rather than being proactive. But is it really the IT team’s fault in the first place, or is there more to the problem than what meets the eye?

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The larger problem is that even at a time when SaaS is powering the next big revolution, IT teams are working in silos and sitting at the back-end with no tool to collaborate effectively with other departments. The missing piece that every IT team needs is Zluri. Zluri is the most preferred SaaS management platform that helps enterprises derive real value from their SaaS stack without facing the hassles that come along with it. Essentially, Zluri fills the collaboration gap that every IT team needs. It helps organizations adopt and operate an efficient software stack.

In today’s digital-first world, a typical IT setup with on-prem focussed management processes is outdated and ill-suited to meet the new business requirements. Such a traditional setup gives the employees enough reasons to blame the IT department for living in a La La Land and being unresponsive to changing business needs. Zluri eliminates the common practice of segregating IT by providing them with a unified dashboard to monitor the company’s SaaS landscape that allows hassle-free communication and collaboration with other departments.

Using a robust SaaS management platform like Zluri is an easy way out to manage present-day IT-related troubles. For any company to grow, business leaders and other employees need to understand that there is no attitudinal or behavioral problem with the IT department. Instead, it’s the lack of a common platform that prevents IT from coming to the forefront and interacting seamlessly with other departments which leads to things getting stalled.

Take onboarding, for instance. It takes the involvement of the HR department along with the IT team. While HR knows the details of the department and the designation of the new joiners, the IT team’s job is to make sure they have access to all the apps they need on time. Similarly, Zluri can help with other collaborative tasks, like procurement, which requires the involvement of legal, finance, and IT teams along with the designated team which will be using the app.

Furthermore, Zluri automatically discovers SaaS apps purchased by employees without the awareness of IT, thus eliminating the extra step required by the employee to share this information with the IT team. The platform allows the finance team to get the required information on SaaS expenditure at the department, software category, and business unit level. The disruptive SaaS revolution where every employee is a buyer is coming into full force—and that’s where Zluri comes into play. With the most advanced discovery engine, Zluri is able to discover 100 percent of the SaaS apps used in the organization and seems the best solution to tackle shadow IT.

Thus, Zluri offers the much-needed freedom within a framework, allowing the IT team to synergize with all other departments while carrying out the process of onboarding on-demand software at an individual level without compromising with security or compliance. Deploying Zluri is undoubtedly a smart business choice that fosters a great work culture by eliminating all possibilities of cross-functional conflict and enabling better decision-making, visibility, and shared ownership. Add to it, most of the processes are automated and provide employees with the necessary information that they need to onboard and update their SaaS capabilities. Clearly, Zluri allows IT teams to leave behind their traditional back-office role and come to the forefront of business.

Companies today need to face the reality that SaaS managing their end-to-end business processes and making them hassle-free is only half the work done. Statistics reveal that 80% of workers admit to using SaaS (Software as a service) applications at work without getting approval from IT, and this number is bound to increase if companies do not embrace and deploy a future-proof SaaS Management Platform.

Zluri ensures that the remaining half of the work is done efficiently by offering an easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use solution to discover, manage, secure, and comply. Zluri’s application library, which is the largest app library in the market, enables complete application discovery across categories. And since all the features of an SMP (SaaS management Platform) are based on the application discovery engine, Zluri hands-down proves to be the most powerful SMP on the planet when it comes to containing shadow IT.

With Zluri, you get a real-time view of app redundancies and specific use cases. This way, you can cut costs without sacrificing value. Also, you can forecast whether you need to upgrade or downgrade a particular software before its renewal. In the world of specialized SaaS applications, Zluri is the go-to platform for companies to create a source of truth for all the departments and empower them to keep up with the ever-changing and fast-paced tech environment.

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