11 startups to watch out for in 2024

India has emerged as the 3rd largest ecosystem for startups globally with over 1,12,718 DPIIT-recognized startups across 763 districts of the country as of 03rd October 2023. India ranks #2nd in innovation quality with top positions in the quality of scientific publications and the quality of its universities among middle-income economies. Innovation in India is not just limited to certain sectors. In the landscape of India’s startup ecosystem, the year 2024 holds promise as an era of dynamic evolution and transformative opportunities. With a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, a surge in technological advancements, and a supportive ecosystem, startups in India are poised for exponential growth. Here is the list of 11 startups to watch out for in 2024.

1. Pee Safe: Your intimate care partner

Headquarter: New Delhi

Year Founded: 2013

Founder:Vikas Bagaria

What They Do: Pee Safe is a feminine hygiene brand that strives to bring intimate and personal hygiene discussion into vogue. The Gurugram-based platform started with a toilet seat sanitizer spray in 2013 that was aimed to find a way out of avoiding a UTI and other hazardous infections every time one visits a public washroom. The platform is now a fast-growing feminine hygiene brand with categories like toilet hygiene, menstrual hygiene, and sexual wellness. Pee Safe’s sub-brand Raho Safe also spreads awareness of menstrual hygiene in tier 3 and 4 cities of India with an affordable range of sanitary pads. Pee Safe also provides products like menstrual cups, panty liners, and intimate washes. Pee Safe products are cruelty-free & are not tested on animals.

2. GoKwik: An eCommerce Enabler

Headquarter: Gurugram

Year Founded: 2020

Founder:Chirag Taneja

What They Do: GoKwik is an eCommerce enablement company focusing predominantly on unlocking growth for eCommerce brands by solving crucial challenges across the eCommerce funnel, helping eCommerce brands provide a seamless shopping experience to their customers, expanding COD penetration across cities and towns, reducing the return to origin (RTO) for their partners, and ensuring overall growth through conversational commerce across the funnel using WhatsApp. GoKwik has the deepest network data of 100 million shoppers through which it has helped 500+ brands increase conversions, reduce RTO, and boost GMV and prepaid success rate, thereby increasing overall growth potential for these brands. With a network pool of 100 million shoppers, GoKwik has an address pre-fill rate of up to 85% thereby enabling the fastest checkout experience for shoppers. GoKwik has also built features including multiple discount configurations, split COD payments, and RTO risk intelligence, which are designed to drive higher conversions, increase GMV growth, and most importantly.

3. Poshn: Revolutionizing Wholesale Commodity Trade

Headquarter: New Delhi

Year Founded: 2020

Founders: Shashank Singh and Bhuvnesh Gupta

What They Do: Poshn has become a pioneer in the agritech space by making wholesale trade more efficient and seamless. By offering full-stack services, Poshn enables wholesale buyers to connect directly with millers and stockists. Their innovative approach addresses inefficiencies in the B2B ecosystem, providing a cost-efficient solution for SMEs. Poshn leverages a proprietary AI model to break demand requests into smaller segments, mapping them with multiple suppliers for optimal matches. This reduces the time to trade significantly, from weeks to minutes. The platform’s top-line technology layer integrates clusters of intelligence engines, including AI and machine learning, for functions such as price discovery, reverse auctioning, and matching the right fulfillment partner. With $6 million in funding from prominent investors like Prime Venture Partners and Zephyr Peacock India, Poshn has rapidly expanded. In the last financial year, the platform witnessed a total revenue of INR 510 crore, with a current run rate of INR 60 crore per month. Poshn aims to be a $1 billion Annual Run Rate platform in the next 4-5 years, catering to a global clientele.

4. Fyllo: Empowering Farmers with IoT and AI

Headquarter: Bengaluru

Year Founded: 2019

Founders: Sudhanshu Rai and Sumit Sheoran

What They Do: Fyllo, a standout agritech startup, has recorded a threefold jump in revenue in FY23. This growth is attributed to farmers adopting data and analytics extensively, resulting in reduced costs and increased crop yields. Fyllo’s focus on providing holistic solutions includes plans to introduce crop insurance and develop data-driven solutions for the agriculture industry. Fyllo’s IoT devices play a crucial role in collecting real-time data on farming aspects such as soil moisture, weather conditions, and crop health. With over 4,000 devices deployed across 34,000 acres and 14 crop types, Fyllo has positively impacted over 5,000 farmers. Farmers using Fyllo devices have experienced a remarkable 25-50% increase in income and a 25% reduction in input costs. Fyllo utilizes AI across various use cases. Predicting weather with a highly precise farm-level model, assessing crop health and identifying stages through satellite imagery, and predicting diseases and pests are among the numerous applications. Fyllo’s extensive data pool of over 2 billion points supports a robust system with more than 180 machine-learning models providing insights about crops, diseases, and climate.

5. Veera Browser: Made in India mobile-only internet browser Veera

Headquarter: Mumbai

Year Founded: 2021

Founders: Arjun Ghose

What They Do: Built on the two key pillars of speed and safety Veera is India’s first mobile-focused browser that brings everything desktop browsers have (and more) but optimized for a mobile experience. Veera aims to give India’s 1 billion+ smartphone users a fast, safe, and private internet experience. With a team that has built and backed technology businesses in India, Veera team understands the pain points of the internet user more than anyone and has used its experience and learnings to create a better browser for the modern tech-savvy Indian user. As a policy, Veera does not share user identity with third parties, and blocks all known third-party ad servers, allowing them to explore the internet without any privacy concerns. While blocking trackers is a feature a few select browsers already provide globally, Veera goes a step further by blocking third-party trackers, ads, autoplay videos, and more, by default; currently accessible on Android devices, it will be available on iOS and Windows soon.

6. Seracle: Gateway to the Web3 universe

Headquarter: Pune

Year Founded: 2018

Founder: Shrikant Bhalerao

What They Do: Seracle is a leading blockchain technology company focused on providing innovative solutions for the Web3 ecosystem. Committed to compliance, security, and seamless user experiences, Seracle offers a wide range of blockchain-based products and services. From on-chain KYC solutions to developer-friendly tools, Seracle is dedicated to driving the adoption and advancement of blockchain technology across various industries. To learn more about House of Web3 and the application process. Seracle has also set up an establishment in Riyadh to oversee the operations in Saudi Arabia and also other Middle East countries.

7. Pop: India’s Leading E-commerce Enabler

Headquarter: Bengaluru

Year Founded: 2023

Founder: Bhargav Errangi

What They Do: POP, an e-commerce enablement start-up with a team boasting years of experience in building and scaling e-commerce marketplaces, and running large coalition loyalty currency platforms, POP is poised to become the go-to growth enabler for D2C brands in India. With a vision to build a network of deeply penetrated e-commerce buyers, POP aims to solve the critical need for a new and reliable customer acquisition channel for digitally native brands.

8. Nuvepro Technologies: Embracing Skills-Based Learning: Beyond Grades and Hours

Headquarter: Bengaluru

Year Founded: 2014

Founder:Giridhar L V and Janakiraman Srinivasan

What They Do: Nuvepro, is a hands-on learning platform for IT Skills. Nuvepro enables the creation of a Job and Project Ready Workforce. Nuvepro’s Personalized Approach to Skilling helps develop Critical Thinking Skills, and Real World Experience and accelerates Job Readiness for today’s fast-paced and competitive Job Market. With millions of learners from enterprises, universities, and EdTech platforms already benefiting from its approach, Nuvepro’s Hands-on Learning platform provides access to 1000+ Real World Scenarios and Sandbox environments, enabling learners to practice, reinforce and validate their learning.

9. Thriwe: Technology-driven consumer benefits marketplace

Headquarter: New Delhi

Year Founded: 2021


What They Do: Thriwe is a Benefits as a Service solution that offers you B2B consumer benefits with seamless technology and robust data analytics. The company operates in the loyalty and rewards domain and helps businesses acquire, engage, and retain customers. Thriwe’s unique value proposition lies in its end-to-end benefits offering, which includes a technology platform, benefit curation and onboarding, customer experience, and service. Through its platform, Thriwe enables businesses to effectively manage their loyalty programs and rewards systems, providing customers with a seamless and earn & burn rewarding experience to retain their customers. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, Thriwe has established itself as a leading player in the loyalty and benefits space, helping businesses across industries drive growth and build brand loyalty. Thriwe has 200K+ Partners spread across 130+ Countries, 3 M + Customers, and 8 M + Tractions. Some of the clients of Thriwe are HDFC Bank, Yes Bank, Axis Bank, American Express, and many more.

10. Cosmofeed: An all-in-one platform for creators

Headquarter: Gurugram

Year Founded: 2021

What They Do: Cosmofeed is a platform offering a suite of products for the creators enabling them to monetize both bits & and full offerings of their content across their audiences while building deeper engagement in communities. The unique creator-first approach in product building has allowed Cosmofeed to be a platform that solves all the inherent problems of the creator workflow and distribution. Cosmofeed allows creators to build premium groups and manage or host online events through its app. Cosmofeed raised $1.5 million last year in its seed round co-led by Growx Ventures, Waveform Ventures, & and 9 Unicorns with participation from Singapore-based investment holding company Silk Bridge Partners (SBP).

11. vHub: Influencer Marketing AI SaaS Platform

Headquarter: Bengaluru

Year Founded: 2021

What They Do: vHub.ai is an AI-driven SaaS platform, which helps brands match with the right influencers. vHub.ai’s platform gives in-depth insights into influencers, respective competitors, and key accounts that follow the Instagram page. Our unique feature of the VQS score has helped many brands save at least 50% of their marketing expense. VQS score helps in identifying authentic influencers from fake accounts or from bot followers. 50+ Brands serviced, 40K+ Influencers onboarded, 5K+ content pieces made, generate 50 million+ organic impressions.

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