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Kanishka tripathi_CEO & Founder_Mahāsa GharKanishka Tripathi, CEO & Founder, Mahāsa Ghar

“Stepping into 2024, the e-commerce retail sector reflects a vibrant combination of redefined luxury, cutting-edge technology, and ethical thinking. The ‘Quiet Luxury’ movement, which emerged in 2023, is characterised by its utilitarian elegance and clean lines, prioritising substance above ostentatious riches. Meanwhile, the creative environment is being transformed by the incorporation of technology into fashion, which uses augmented reality, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence to create sustainable and customised designs. As customers want transparency and support for locally produced goods that help marginalised areas, ethical sourcing is taking center stage. In 2024, the emphasis will change from ostentatious spending to substance in this era of authenticity. Technology will democratise trends and create a consumer environment that supports ethical principles and transparency.”

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