Augmont Unveils Buyer Bazar…

Augmont Unveils Buyer Bazar…

Augmont Unveils Buyer Bazar…

India, August 8th, 2022: Buyer Bazar by Augmont is a revolutionary and exclusive networking hub for jewellers located at ‘the Gold destination’ of India- Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai. Jewellers can find easy access to sellers, profit from good deals, network with fraternity and save money-all under one roof in a luxurious state-of-the-art office. Buyer Bazar’s managing director is Jitesh Jain, a veteran in this industry who understands the pulse of the jewellers. Buyer Bazar is supported by India Bullion and Jewellers Association (IBJA) and Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC).  ]

Home Improvement

Currently, retailers all over India flock to Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar regularly to deal with jewellery sellers. And most of the times, sellers also send their salespeople with jewelry to various retailers’ doorsteps across India. This is not only risky but time consuming and inefficient. With the use of Augmont Goldtech’s technology platform and a premium physical operating space in the heart of Zaveri Bazar, Buyer Bazar will solve all the problems that buyers and sellers face today in dealing in this industry. Some of the benefits include:

1.Digital & Physical

It enables omni-channel B2B connectivity and trade

2.Save time & money

Save time and money that you would have otherwise spent on finding and meeting relevant sellers

3. Profit from good deals

Easy access to more suppliers means profitable deals

4. Larger product range

More suppliers will give buyers access to larger, diversified product range


Connect with your fraternity, expand your business horizon and seek new opportunities

State-of-the-art Amenities

Get free pick-up and drop facility, preferential access to weekend markets, logistics and insurance services, shower room/green room facility, backend support staff, etc.

Zaveri Bazar is space crunched and the cost of space is very high. More so, buyers across India need not have a permanent office there especially when one visits a few times in the year. “Buyer Bazar” membership makes so much sense and addresses this gap. It has luxurious interiors, is located in the best building of Zaveri Bazar – ‘Bullion House’ and hosts all services like parking, security, housekeeping, food and beverages, etc which is otherwise a headache to manage.’ said Mr. Vikas Kataria of DP Jewellers from Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) who became a member as soon as it was launched.

‘The interiors of each of the workspace has been made as per the needs of the jewellers. Unlike commercial co-working spaces, this place is made of opulent Italian marbles and luxurious wooden furniture. Each of the cabins are themed around major cities across the world which are significant to the gold industry. These include London, Sydney, Johannesburg, Chicago, Toronto, etc. In the later phases, more space and a high end terrace café will be added.’ said Priyank Jain, vice-president of Buyer Bazar. Even if buyers are able to save a few percentage points on their deals, their membership becomes worth it.

‘Augmont Gold For All is India’s largest completely integrated gold platform from refining to retail. It enables jewelers to buy or sell large bars through its SPOT platform. It also enables jewelers to sell Digi Gold and Gold Sip to their end customers. Augmont also provides jewelers to sell their jewelry to the customers. on EMI basis. Enabling retail jewelers to deal in jewelry with various manufacturers and wholesalers on an omni-channel platform is a natural extension of its strategy in providing a complete bouquet of solutions to the jewelers. Hence Buyer Bazar.’ said Ketan Kothari, director of Augmont.

Besides this Augmont also enables jewelers’ customers to recycle their old gold for new jewelry or to deposit under the Government of India’s Gold Monetization Scheme (GMS).

With the use of technology and practical solutions for the jewelers, Buyer Bazar is a long term revolutionary solution to India’s large jewelry industry.

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