Vishnu Ramachandran inducted on Indiassetz board as Chairman

Vishnu Ramachandran

Bengaluru India August 8, 2022- Vishu Ramachandran a Senior banker, business leader, serial entrepreneur & independent board member in Standard Chartered bank has been inducted into Bengaluru-based Indiassetz, a wealth tech management company, as its Chairman of the Board. Vishu is well known for value creation & revenue growth, business transformation & performance culture. s

With his entry, Indiassetz will now look at its next phase of growth and surging numbers in business, customers and expanding network.

He will be involved in company’s strategies, and compliances, and will work closely with Senior Members of the company. He will work closely with the other Board Members and CBOs on key business and regulatory initiatives, Indiassetz said in its statement.

Vishu Ramachandran recently completed the term as Non-Executive Board Member Non-Executive Board Member at Standard Chartered Bank Singapore.

He will also advise and counsel the management of Indiassetz on matters of business performance and corporate governance.

Vishu said: “Indiassetz has achieved phenomenal success ever since its inception, seven years ago, and I am sure together we will script another phenomenal story going forward.”

Established in 2014, Indiassetz is a Wealth Tech Management company that manages people’s Real Estate wealth.

Since its inception in 2014, Indiassetz has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the competitive field of Real-Estate Portfolio Management and Advisory Services in a very short span of time.

The Company has earned more than 10,000 registered clients with an active asset management value of 1.35 billion & gross transaction value of $135 million which has grown 100% in every fiscal year. By adopting a broad selection of tools and instruments, the Indiassetz portfolio offers solutions and services suited to every client’s unique needs and requirements.

The company creates customized solutions based on aspirations, risk appetite, investment temperament, and contemporary situations.

Today, Indiassetz ranks amongst the Country’s foremost professionally run company and gaining strength by the day. Indiassetz is recognized in the industry and amongst its customers as innovative, hospitable, and expert collaborators across every aspect of the Real Estate Portfolio.

Indiassetz offers end-to-end property management services, with the client’s best interest – Tenancy Management, Government Liaison Work, Property Advisory, Maintenance, Interiors, Finance, and Buy & Sell.

Across the experience of buying, owning, and selling a property in India, Indiassetz offers true and professional local representation, efficient management, and expert consultancy. Indiassetz has a good handhold in the secondary market with a good amount of data for the primary market.

With its Registered Head Office in Bangalore, Indiassetz has expanded by setting up branch offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. Indiassetz is also looking to set up operations in Dubai, UK and US for convenience of NRI abroad.

The service portfolio of Indiassetz includes:

  • Market Research & Unbiased Advisory
  • Advisory on Tax Laws and RERA
  • Legal Assistance
  • Government Liaising Work
  • Valuation & Risk Assessment
  • Financial Assistance from Banks / NBFC
  • Buy, Sell & Rent
  • Tenancy Management
  • Interior Project Management
  • Maintenance Work
  • AMC
  • Legacy Planning & Will Management
  • Vacation Homes

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