Ayushi Guha – a Young Dreamer and Achiever in the Field of PR

Ayushi Guha – a Young Dreamer and Achiever in the Field of PR

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The exploration of endless possibilities in the world has led Ayushi Guha to be a Freelance Public Relations Consultant with limitless ideas and strategies for building a brand. With Exclusive communication and people skillset as her strong asset, PR is a space where she aims to thrive and be the best at. The PR Industry has Ayushi in awe as she has the freedom and an abundance of creativity, ideas, and strategies to ponder over in order to build a brand. It is rightly noticed that she finds joy in building a brand, being part of their communication team, and watching them eventually acquire success. An experience she finds satisfying and in due course rewarding.

At the youthful age of 27, she has managed to effectively garner and work with over 50 brands. Each of these brands across time has impacted her journey in a positive way. Some of the leading brands handled by her include Blown (India’s first salon and wine bar), Kazé Bar and Kitchen, Freedom Tree Design, Isprava, White Owl beer, Briggs Brewery, LR Wonder Company, The Pilates Studio (Bangalore), Champa (Gujarat-based online fashion brand from Gujarat), Bodycraft skin clinic, Raisin Global, Nalli Silks, Pantaloons, Chakra Athletica, Hoover Fresh, Morning Fresh to name a few. As much as “Ayushi & PR consultants” sounds like a dream, it is not her long-term goal to establish a PR firm on her own. Ayushi always considered working as an independent professional and she was confident to take a leap of faith when she got on board her first two clients. This was the start of many good things to come. Her ambition to be the best, and always try to think out of the box is definitely seen in her work.

Ayushi loved the work she was putting in and having a free hand allowed her to expand her creative side. Shortly into her journey as a freelancer, she wanted to expand and scout for brands that appealed to her interests, Food and Lifestyle. It was around this time, she grew her portfolio and a formidable team by her side enabled her to capture the interest of brands across fashion, alcobev, fitness, F&B, hospitality, co-working/living brands, home-decor, healthcare, Real Estate, Travel, Beauty & Skincare, Automobile -to name a few. Ayushi’s ability to adapt and understand how various industries work gave her the edge. Her freehand creativity was essential in her media and marketing pitches, how the team should not just see a brand for what it is but consider a 360-degree approach, how we can create the right buzz and awareness that is needed for any brand that wants to get noticed.

The Journey:

Life took sail for her with schooling from VidyaShilp Academy, to embracing Christ University and being an undergraduate from Jain University in Bangalore. Starting from an early age, working and the drive to take her steps toward entrepreneurship is something that came to her naturally. Stepping into the event management industry in her 2nd year as an undergraduate, she worked with two event management companies that prospected events and activations. In the course of two years of working with them, she gained experience and valuable personal growth.

As a passionate intern and a half-time employee in these companies, Ayushi wasn’t wholeheartedly happy with what she was doing. At the completion of her graduation, as much as she enjoyed curating and working for events, a thought struck her mind that this isn’t something that she would like to do in the long run. It rightfully felt to her that there were endless opportunities in the world to reach out and explore and so she did. In the span of 4 months and working with 3 different companies later, it gave her clarity on the fields that she definitely did not want to pursue. As Oprah Winfrey states, “working towards being significant” is a mantra Ayushi follows toward success.

Life took an alluring turn in the world of PR as she worked with two leading PR Firms. The experience gained during her tenure at these PR Companies led her towards a grateful love for PR. Although the agency setup felt suppressive to her creative ideas and bound to what her higher-ups had assigned her to take forward, she felt a greater need to change the PR & Communication space as an individual. Along with her optimism, she highly believes in being able to contribute towards a greater change in PR leading to a decision of quitting her comfortable and secure agency job.

Towards a greater change:

A consulting journey began in October 2018 for Ayushi at the tender age of 23 and the 3 years of pathways have expressed growth not just professionally, but also personally. The decision towards being a freelancer included hardships, lessons, and striving hard every single day. “Don’t do Freelancing. You will suffer and you won’t be paid on time”; a statement that not only made her aspirations strong but also motivated her to climb up the entrepreneurial ladder. While taking one step at a time, she strongly understands trust and patience as a pillar of support in employee and client relations. Of course, “PR is not an overnight process, and neither is it a one-month process”. Ayushi believes that it is a process that requires time, hard work, and dedication in order for all great ideas to lead to a satisfactory payoff. As an escapade, she finds solace with her family, Spending time with her pet, traveling, cooking, and reading in her free time.

What a few people that have worked with Ayushi over her 3 years have to say about their experience working with an independent young PR Professional – Nived Prabhu a PR & Communication specialist with over 5 years of experience says, “Working with Ayushi brought in a new level of confidence I lacked in the corporate world and helped refine my skills. I have known her for nearly 5 years and have been working with her since the inception of her freelance journey. In a matter of 3 years, Ayushi has grown leaps and bounds where she has become an expert at brand development, and social media marketing, and last but not least a seasoned PR Professional”.

Sahana Raghavan an undergraduate who did her first internship after college and then joined Ayushi full-time and is now on her way to pursuing her master’s says, “Joining the PR Field right after completing my under graduation there wasn’t much I knew. Everything I have learned and understood about the Industry is with Ayushi’s help. Upon meeting her, I saw their love for her job and her enthusiasm for each client in her eyes. She inspires me every day to work harder and achieve more than what I set out to do. working with her taught me more than what school did. She helped me understand what goes into public relations, how to build relationships with clients and others we work with, and how to manage your work and complete tasks at given deadlines.

Ayushi is a force of positivity and dedication. An inspiration, with creativity and individuality like none other.

Hannah Mariya an undergraduate who again did her first internship in PR with Ayushi and then went on to pursue her master’s says, “I am a PR and Corporate Communications student at Xavier Institute of Communications. I had the pleasure to work with Ayushi Guha during my senior year of undergraduate studies. I met Ayushi for the first time when she had come to my college (CMS – Jain University, Bangalore) as a guest lecturer. She had our whole class dazzled by the way she presented herself and the kind of work she does. I instantly knew that she would be the right mentor for me to learn about the PR industry as I would get to work on a deeper level with her compared to a large agency where I may only get to do documentation.

During my 8 months with her, she made me fall in love with PR. I had the opportunity to work with an amazing and diverse clientele on a PAN India level across different sectors like Fashion, Food and Beverage, Alcohol and Spirits, Beauty and Salon, Real Estate, Hospitality, Home Decor and Fitness. She always encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and take up bigger responsibilities. Today I can positively say that although I only have 8 months of experience in PR, my knowledge is far more extensive compared to my peers who have a one-year experience in large agencies. This was possible because of the exposure Ayushi had given to me and I will forever be grateful to her for this.

Menaka Bhandary Founder of Blown Salon shares her experience on working with Ayushi and says, “ We are a start-up and have been in business for little over a year. Ayushi has genuinely given our brand her heart and soul and has done her very best to put us on the radar. Be it digital or print, she has delivered well beyond our expectations. She is a transparent person, tells it as is, underpromises, and always over-delivers. You can count on her!”

Akanksha Singh, Ex Marketing Head – South, White Owl shares her experience and says, “ It was an absolute pleasure working with you! We really appreciated the time and effort you put in during the launch of the brand in Bangalore. The team really loved your ideas, the attention to detail in the entire launch planning, and especially the positive energy! Personally, I really admire your love for and involvement with the brand even two years later! I hope we get to work together again in the future.”

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